Susulan rungutan berterusan pelbagai pihak berhubung pengecualian cukai GST yang diberikan kerajaan kepada China Communications Construction Company atau CCCC, kontraktor yang membina ECRL, Ketua Pengarah Kastam, Subromaniam Tholasy sekali lagi tampil mengadakan sidang akhbar untuk memberikan penjelasan. Jika kali [...]


Nearly six in 10 wealthy Hongkongers expect to live to the age of 100, making them the most confident about their longevity in Asia, according to a survey released on Thursday by UBS Investor Watch. The confidence could be due to Hong Kong having the highest life expectancy in the world, with women on average living [...]


LABUAN – A 16-year-old girl from Labuan has become a ‘sex addict’ after she was molested and raped by her stepfather for six years. The rape by her stepfather is believed to have triggered an emotional disturbance in the teen. She has since had sex with six men she knew through WeChat. It is understood that [...]