The show, “Kuaförüm Sensin” (you’re my hairdresser), is a reality contest in which makeup artists and hair pros compete to win a grand prize.

On this particular episode, hairdresser Bilal Ağın wanted to cut his model İlayda’s hair in order to support the “Let My Hair Be Your Hair” project for cancer survivors. However, he failed to let her in on the plan beforehand, and her reaction to the betrayal has resonated with many women.

As Bilal swipes his scissors across İlayda’s long hair and triumphantly twirls around the locks he has shorn off, her face registers shock.

She reaches for her now-shoulder length hair and begins to cry as the three judges look on, stunned at her reaction.

On set, the other contestants and their respective models look lost for words as they carry on with their own business.

İlayda then takes off her robe in protest and heads for the door, while Bilal smirks in the background.

As the humiliated model makes a run for it, an assistant tries to tackle her – but İlayda drops to the ground, apparently unconscious.

The clip quickly went viral on Twitter when user @samiinovaaaa shared it, captioning the moment: “I’m SCREAMINNNN why is that so relatable tf”.

It has since been viewed 12 million times.

Hundreds of Twitter users around the world weighed in with their thoughts.

Most empathised with İlayda, declaring how horrified they would be had their hair been hacked off too.

“Did you see how long that hair was, she’s gonna need counselling for that trauma,” said one woman.

Others simply couldn’t resist cheekily weighing in on the “theatrical editing”.

“Indian soap opera called. They want their editors back,” said one user, which prompted another to respond: “You mean tacky telenovella. She tackled her down before she even started to fall lol.”

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