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KUALA LUMPUR (Politics Now!) – Compared unfavorably against fast-rising new Malay heroes, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has rushed headlong into his latest act of political foolishness and rashness in the bid to outshine – nay! not outshine because he can no longer stand out, perhaps just keep up with – the likes of PAS’ Sanusi Md Nor and Samsuri Mokhtar.

As a result, the narcissistic Malaysian leader’s chase for the global limelight and to be adopted as a moderate Muslim leader the world – both Muslim and Western – can rely on for objectivity and neutrality flopped in a most embarrassing way!

“Conveniently ignoring the fact that Hamas had kidnapped – even slaughtered – women, children and even babies, Anwar was incredibly hungry for global attention as a Muslim leader. He wanted to be as vocal and popular as former premier Mahathir Mohamad, whose legacy as Malaysia’s longest serving prime minister included his anti-Semitic and anti-Western speeches,” wrote Finance Twitter in a startling expose.

“Tthe latest conflict in the Middle East provides a golden opportunity for Anwar to promote himself as a Muslim hero. He argued that because the Zionists had confiscated land and property belonging to the Palestinian people, it was justifiable for Hamas to butcher unarmed and innocent Jewish people. Trying to score political mileage, he also criticised the international community who supports Israel.”


And this is how Anwar embarrassed himself and his country.

Firstly, butchering unarmed and innocent civilians is never justifiable in any religion, as self-proclaimed reformist Anwar should know. That he pretended not to know or to see the killing fields are on both sides is a shame on him!

Israel-Hamas-Palestine Conflict War - Terrorist Underground Tunnel

Secondly, while condemning the ‘pressuring attitude’ of the West, is he not just as hypocritical and fake as they are when he hotfoots it to New York to pound the streets of Wall Street in a photo-op that was ridiculed at home; when he bowed and scraped at the United Nations General Assembly to show off with a maiden speech that was ignored by almost every nation that attended, including neighbors from ASEAN and brother-nations from the Muslim world.

Thirdly, while many Muslim leaders in the Middle East condemned Israel, many expressed their support for the Palestinians only reluctantly. This can be seen from how most of the nations there, apart from Iran, shied away from offering troops to defend Gaza although they did not hesitate to rush humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

“They had to show their displeasure, or at least pretend to be angry, at Israel’s bombardment of Gaza as the conflict is seen as a war between Muslim and non-Muslim. While the Arabs rushed humanitarian aid to the Palestine, none has offered troops to defend Gaza and Palestinians.” said the Finance Twitter report.


It looks like Anwar and the unpolished, IQ-deficient Little Napoleons that make up his inner circle do not understand or perhaps are not even aware of the realpolitik in the Middle East. Like monkey see, monkey do, they ape and plagiarize from whatever cheap bombast that is useful and fits in with their need of the moment – while using the brute force of their authority and office to bully the rest into submission.

“It is too evident to be denied that it is Anwar and his regime’s lack of class and calibre that is losing them popularity in Malaysia, be it with the Malays or non-Malays,” a political commentator told Politics Now!

“Imagine the Little Napoleons don’t even bother to keep election promises, play racists when it suits them to be racist and play reformists when it suits them to play reformists. But as usual, once in power, they are still too swell-headed to see that people, non-Malays as well as Malays, see them as hypocrites and when unprincipled people are in charge, the country is in grave danger. So in other words, who is Anwar to criticize the West when he is just as hypocritical and unprincipled as they are.”

Fourthly, perhaps the view that he is a political chameleon with no core apart from bluster and hypocrisy, is why no matter how he tries, Anwar cannot not beat his nemesis Mahathir Mohamad when it comes to winning Muslim hearts and minds. In a knee-jerk response Mahathir – considered a race-championing extremist even within Malaysia – had already expressed blind support for Hamas.

Together with PAS leaders, the 98-year-old Mahathir even led a rally after Friday prayers last week when Anwar was busy unveiling a monster Budget for 2024 that too flopped like a cold souffle, lacking in oomph but filled with pain for the man in the street.

“I support Hamas 100 per cent. For the first time in 70 years, Israelis are feeling the pressure from the Palestine operations,” Mahathir had said two days before the Friday protest, for which he received loud applause in mostly Muslim Malaysia.

By contrast, no one clapped for ‘poor, little’ Anwar. Perhaps the PM was just happy to trump his main rival Hadi Awang, the PAS chief whose party is due to raise the Israel-Palestine conflict at its 69th annual general assembly slated for 20th to 22nd October.

“The Gaza issue is close to the hearts of the party leadership and members,” NST reported PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man as saying. “In fact, we expect the humanitarian aid fund for Palestine to be well-received among delegates and party observers.”


Whatever Anwar and his bungling inner circle were trying to do, it backfired – and badly too! Raw emotionalism and blind support always brings in tow hypocrisy and extremism.

Sure, the Palestinians have suffered greatly and for decades but so have the Israelis. Who can forget the torture of Jews at the Auschwitz camps? So since when can suffering be a passport and license for mass killings, brutality and unimaginable savagery – by either side, whether Palestinian or Jew.

Then the most burning question of them all – is it true that Palestinian land had been illegally seized by Israel?

Arab-Israel Six-Day War - 1967

Perhaps Anwar should read about the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War and the birth of international terrorism. Yes, everything started after the Six-Day War or the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, otherwise known as the Third Arab–Israeli War, which was fought between 5 and 10 June 1967 by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

Had the Arab states genuinely wanted to help their Palestinian brothers, they would have offered land and money ages ago instead of letting them suffered in the Gaza Strip – widely compared to an “open-air prison”. In fact, Egypt has rejected the United State’s proposal to establish corridors for civilians – suggesting that even Cairo does not welcome the Palestinians.

Israel-Arab Six-Day War Ends - Total Israel Victory - Newspaper

Additionally, Saudi and its allies were not interested to fight Israel, let alone help the Palestinians despite the Arab League’s 3-million active military personnel and US$180 billion military expenditure, which is 10 times more than Israel’s US$18 billion,. In fact, Saudi does not give a damn about the Gaza Strip as long as Israel fights the Shia-Muslims led by Iran, along with proxies like Hamas.

“This is actually a missed opportunity for Anwar. Instead of shooting his mouth like someone from some remote kampung and rattling his sabre like Hadi and Mahathir, Anwar should have differentiated himself. All it takes is sincerity, courage and clear-eyed understanding of international geopolitics but it looks like he has none of the above and the world leaders whether from the Muslim world or the West and U.S. can see it too,” the political commentator elaborated to Politics Now!

Indeed, even after Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians under Hamas’ control had done nothing to develop the territory. Tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid given by the West and Arab World had been used to build tunnels instead. The intention of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad was towipe outthe Jews through terrorism.

More importantly, Malaysians had voted for the Anwar-led Pakatan Harapan coalition to reform the country’s corrupt systems, create employment, attract investments and fix the economy – certainly not to waste money on Islamic radicalization or terrorism.

“If Anwar is so obsessed with Hamas and Palestine, perhaps he should send half of Malaysian soldiers to Gaza, and hopefully they won’t be slaughtered like a pig,” mocked the Finance Twitter report.

STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW & WHAT MALAYSIA NEEDSSo perhaps critics are right. Village champion or not, Anwar should stick to fixing the plunging Ringgit and food shortage instead of trying to parade himself on a world stage that he lacks understanding of. Anwar should stop wasting the Malaysian people’s money on radicalization and terrorism.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Billionaire Syed Mokhtar - Laughing

Anwar cozies up to tycoon Syed Mokhtar

During the tabling of the country’s largest-ever budget, Anwar who also made himself the finance minister, had proposed to increase the sales and service tax (SST) from the existing 6% to 8%.  His regime tried to fool the people that this would not cause a hike in basic costs of living as food and telecommunications would be exempt from the tax jump. Perhaps team Anwar was relying on Malaysians to be so ignorant they would not to know that the knock-on effect could be just as ‘deadly’ as a direct increment.

“Even though it excludes food and beverages, and telecommunications, the tax on suppliers of food and beverages will still impact consumers as the additional costs would be passed down to them,” said Finance Twitter.

“So, the genius Anwar is taxing additional RM900 million from the people due to SST rate hike, but about half the money is channeled back to JAKIM, whose annual allocation has been increased by RM400 million to RM1.9 billion. Not only PM Anwar protects crony Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, but is also enriching JAKIM which promotes “radical ideologies”.


Israel-Palestine Conflict - Supporters Waving Flags

Indeed, Anwar can’t keep blaming external factors for the continuous deterioration in the vale of the Ringgit, which has plunged to RM4.73 to the U.S. dollar. His leadership, competency and policies all contribute to the investors’ confidence in Malaysian economy and currency.

“There’s a reason why foreign investors avoid countries, especially Muslim nations, that subscribe to radicalization and extremism,” warns Finance Twitter.

“Supporting Hamas terrorism just because the prime minister is still influenced by the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the same spin-off of Palestinian branch called Hamas, is absolutely dangerous. Already used as a terrorist safe haven in the region due to visa-free travel, Anwar is essentially feeding a monster it can’t control, which could lead to domestic terrorist attacks later.” – Written by Stan Lee, Politics Now!

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