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Guan Eng: Lodge police reports against ‘desperate to disrupt’ Hadi

Lim Guan Eng has urged Malaysians to make a beeline outside police stations to lodge reports against Abdul Hadi Awang to put an end to his “divisive, extremist and racist politics”.

The DAP chairperson claimed the PAS president’s brand of politics posed a threat to national unity and integration.

“Hadi is so desperate to disrupt, destabilise and even destroy the unity government led by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, that he continues to openly target non-Muslims and non-Malays.

“Hadi now blames them (non-Malays) as the biggest group of plunderers, and those who give and receive bribes. This is nonsense when corruption is colour blind and a national problem confronting all ethnic communities,” Lim  added in a statement this morning.

According to Lim, Hadi had exposed PAS’ “naked pursuit of power regardless of the cost” with his caustic and baseless allegations.

He also pointed out that the government’s failure to act against the PAS president in the past had emboldened him.

“Hadi has no shame in repeating, again and again, the lie that minorities won the 2022 general election with a higher voter turnout than Malays, even though Malays have the highest voter turnout of all communities at 79 percent.

“How have Muslims lost power when all important positions in the country are held by Malays or Muslims? Even in the 28-member cabinet, there are only nine non-Muslim ministers. And out of the 148 unity government MPs, 77 are Muslims which is more than the 72 Muslim MPs in Perikatan Nasional,” he added.

‘Clear and present danger’

Describing Hadi and PAS as a “clear and present danger to the vision of Malaysia belonging to all”, the DAP leader said such provocations cannot be ignored.

“In Hadi’s blind ambition to unite the Malays under him, Hadi has shown himself as prepared to betray and sacrifice the basic constitutional rights of non-Muslims and non-Malays.

“Failure to counter this dangerous attempt to sabotage, undermine and replace the unity government that has won a vote of confidence in Parliament would be tantamount to being disrespectful to the king and Parliament,” he added.

Veteran politician Lim Kit Siang

Lim’s father, veteran politician Kit Siang, was equally incensed and called on Hadi to explain why 10 of the 20 most corrupt nations in the world in the Transparency International 2022 Corruption Perception Index covering 180 countries are Muslim-majority countries.

Pointing out that it is not the first time the PAS president has unleashed such incendiary statements, he asked if Hadi could name the “non-Malay plunderers”.

“I would have thought that if Hadi is serious in believing that the Malays and Muslims had been conned for over half a century, he would hold Dr Mahathir Mohamad as bearing the largest responsibility as Mahathir had been prime minister for more than 24 years.

“Is Hadi alleging that the other prime ministers, going back to the first three who were also Umno presidents, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Razak Hussein and Hussein Onn, as well as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Abdul Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri had also ‘conned’ the Malays?

“Is Hadi referring to all the MCA and MIC leaders since the founding of the nation, and the Gerakan leaders, as conmen and ‘plunderers’?” Kit Siang asked.  MKINI

Hadi continues racist blame game

 ’No one can make another person corrupt without his or her permission.’

Malays are being ‘openly conned’ – Hadi

David Dass: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is the head of an influential political party. A religious party. He is spewing hatred at non-Malays who are also non-Muslims. How can he generalise things like that?

No one has suggested that investigative agencies should not go after the corrupt, whoever they are, whatever their race.

We all say look after the poor, whatever their race. We also say to improve our education standards so that our people, whatever their race, become productive and competitive.

Most non-Malays want the Malays to succeed because we know that is the only way for us to have a peaceful and harmonious nation.

The Malays have headed our government since independence. Billions of ringgit have been spent on Malay advancement and upliftment.

If policies and actions do not work, consider different approaches. Chinese and Indians are now down to 30 percent of the population.

Their numbers keep falling through emigration and low birth rates. Blaming them is diverting our policymakers from finding the right solutions to helping the poor Malays.

Ranjit Singh Malhi: Saudara Hadi, you seem to be “intellectually challenged”.

Your argument about non-Malays corrupting Malay leaders and civil servants is greatly flawed.

No one can make another person corrupt without his or her permission.

Our beloved nation badly needs credible and rakyat-centric leaders who are highly competent and trustworthy. And you are most certainly not one of them!

Mazilamani: A man of religion will not pit one religion against another, he will accept all as one as intended by the Creator.

PAS is a political party that blatantly plays divisive politics. Your partners let you do all the dirty work and remain in the background.

Whatever you say is not a problem in our country. Our biggest concern is the deliberate disunity and distrust planted by your party over the years.

Cogito Ergo Sum: These provocations and seditious statements are directed to incite hatred against a section of Malaysia’s citizens. Despite numerous police reports and investigations, there is no outcome and this individual is getting bolder by the day.

The inaction speaks volumes and is an indication of covert blessings by the authorities.

This one man will make Malaysia a dangerous and unsafe country for foreign investors and tourists. Slowly but surely, if left unchecked, his rhetoric will acquire the veneer of truth. It gives a licence to harm and violence against minorities.

This is a dangerous path that the government is treading on. The authorities must act decisively and swiftly against speeches that touch and insult the sensitivities of the various races and faiths.

A note to Hadi, the biggest kleptocrat in the world is a Malay- Muslim who is now behind bars.

Najib Abdul Razak

Iphonezours: Hadi is once again jumping, issuing ridiculous unfounded statements, all because he senses that Malays are not that receptive to some of his ideas and the Malay proclamation by Mahathir.

Also, he senses that Prime Minister and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is making inroads in PAS strongholds and hoping that such statements will galvanise Malay support.

Malays have been hoodwinked by Perikatan Nasional (PN) propaganda pre-15th general election and can now see the true colours of PN.

Maya: Nothing will happen. He is getting bolder by the day. There is fear among Anwar and his government of acting against him. Why? The answer is there within.

Just like Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, no action can be taken, because they are all very well protected. Let’s see what or how Anwar can counter this if he dares.

Oh, he is more excited about his biopic movie being released, which is myopic, while people are begging for EPF money and so many things which he has no answers for.

All just a distraction from the truth. Enjoy!

Honest: Every time I read about Hadi and former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, all they do is attack the non-Malays and spew hatred, accusing non-Malays of corruption and being wicked.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Meanwhile, non-Malays have just been going about minding their own business and trying to survive day to day. What is wrong with these two?

They have so much hatred in them. Yet they claim to be Allah-fearing and righteous when all they do is lie and hate.

I don’t have anything nice or pleasant to wish for them.

Jurgen: A divisive character who lives in a different reality. He should be arrested for his untrue remarks.

He is a danger to Malaysia. This is a man who willingly incites hatred. The authorities must take firm action against this dreadful man.

SeniorCitizen: Hello relevant authorities, where art thou? I’ve read about many who made much less malignant comments being hauled up, arrested, and charged.

But this character has openly made repeated serious statements which can affect racial and religious harmony, but seems untouchable?

RedMarlin1833: Enough is enough. They will talk about race and religion until the cows come home.

What do you expect from a party that has governed two backwater states without having to offer anything to the people there?

Rukun_Negara: Home Ministry, please take action against this most controversial, divisive, and seditious politician in Malaysia.

Silence is no longer an option. Show Malaysians that this ministry has the guts to do the right things, in accordance with our Constitution.

Fuminghot: What about PAS and Bersatu working with Gerakan?

What about Mahathir having worked with Eric Chia of Pewaja Steel and other Chinese tycoons? He helped them to become richer.

It was a case of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. Hadi is the biggest hypocrite!  MKINI

After PM’s welcome message, PAS man pours cold water on Coldplay gig

Grammy Award-winning Coldplay will be finally performing in Malaysia this November and Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has taken note.

Anwar re-tweeted Coldplay’s announcement of its Music of the Sphere tour and wrote: “Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!”

He also uploaded a video clip where he acknowledged Coldplay’s environmentalist and climate crisis agenda.

“Let us work together, protect the environment and keep the world safe,” said Anwar.

However, PAS central committee member Nasrudin Hassan did not share the same enthusiasm when he responded to Anwar’s tweet by calling for the event’s cancellation.

“Cancel the performance… It brings no benefit to the country and the rakyat,” wrote Nasrudin.

Elaborating on the matter on his Facebook page, Nasrudin shared photographs of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin holding up a rainbow flag at a concert in London, England.

“Is the government trying to spread hedonism and deviant culture in this country?” he asked.

Coldplay will be performing at Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 22. The event is organised by Live Nation and sponsored by DHL and CIMB.

Chris Martin

Martin has been known to regularly display the rainbow flag – often regarded as a symbol of LGBT rights – during concerts.

Apart from Nasurdin, Twitter user @nasr_al_farabi accused Coldplay of being associated with the LGBT community and questioned how the Filming and Performance by Foreign Artistes Agency (Puspal) could approve the concert.

“Even the poster has clear-cut LGBT influence. The police and the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry should investigate and cancel the concert,” wrote the Twitter user.

Several Twitter users, however, criticised those who complained about Coldplay but not the English Premier League, which has run campaigns in support of the LGBT community. MKINI