‘MB-ship no biggie,’ Negeri Sembilan Bersatu offers post to KJ

Negeri Sembilan Bersatu is willing to offer the menteri besar position to Khairy Jamaluddin if the latter decides to contest in the state polls under the party’s logo.

State Bersatu chief Eddin Syazlee Shith said the party does not have a problem offering the post to the former Rembau MP, saying it’s “only a small matter”.

“What’s important is to ensure that we win and, of course, whoever the president thinks has the values and is suitable (to helm the post), then he can be the menteri besar.

“We leave that to the leadership,” he was quoted by Sinar Harian as saying.

Eddin added that as Khairy is a strong leader, he could add value to Bersatu if he were to join the party.

Negeri Sembilan Bersatu chief Eddin Syazlee Shith

“But up until now, we don’t know his real status (after being sacked from Umno),” the Negeri Sembilan Perikatan Nasional chief said.

However, he admitted that PN and Bersatu have yet to hold any meetings with Khairy at the state level to discuss this matter.

“We don’t want too many people attending the meeting as we fear that things would go out of sync.

“So, we leave it to the leadership and if there are orders after, we will follow,” added Eddin.

Previously, it was reported that Khairy was mulling offers to run for public office in Selangor, including that of menteri besar.

“There are discussions with several parties and there are also discussions taking place on what that role would be,” the former health minister said in a meeting with the Concorde Club – an informal group of editors and senior journalists led by Wong Chun Wai.

However, the former parliamentarian-turned-radio deejay has yet to decide if he wants to participate in the Selangor state election – which must be held this year.

“If I do decide to sit out the state polls, then I will have more time to decide which political platform I will choose as the next chapter in my political journey.

“If I want to participate in the state polls, I have to decide in the next few months on which way I will go,” Khairy said.