KUALA LUMPUR ― The issue over the dismissal of some Umno members was not raised in last night’s Umno Supreme Council (SC) Meeting, with the focus being on efforts to empower the party, says Umno secretary-general Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

“This issue did not arise because the decision of the unity government was already made on November 23, 2022, it was a party decision by the SC… The decision was based on consensus.

On the issue of Rembia state assemblyman Datuk Muhammad Jailani Khamis attending a ceremony to announce a Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate, Asyraf Wajdi said it was up to the Disciplinary Board to decide on the matter.

Earlier, Isham Jalil claimed that he and several other Umno members might be sacked from the party this week, following their criticisms of the party leadership’s decision to participate in the elections with Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Regarding last night’s meeting, Asyraf said Umno welcomed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s proposal to re-establish the Bumiputera Economic Convention, and that the party would offer itself to manage the event.

He said Umno would also implement measures to improve and empower the party based on the post-mortem of the six state elections.

“The Umno divisional convention will also be held focusing on strengthening the party’s organisation and instilling a better understanding of the party’s policies involving the principles and direction of the party’s struggle in the Unity Government at the grassroots level.

“The strengthening of Umno’s cooperation with its allies in Pakatan Harapan will also be intensified to ensure the political stability of the country and the well-being of the people,” he said. ― Bernama

Isham’s neck spared for now as Umno supreme council keeps axe sheathed

Umno supreme council member Isham Jalil has been hyping himself up to be a martyr who would get axed for wanting the party to keep its distance from DAP.

However, despite repeatedly claiming on social media that he would be put on the chopping block, no such thing occurred at the Umno supreme council meeting last night.

Asked at a post-meeting press conference whether the supreme council discussed sacking Isham (above) or his calls for Umno to go solo in elections, party secretary-general Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki replied in the negative.

“We haven’t discussed it so far. We only discussed what was in this statement,” he said referring to the statement he read at the start of the press conference.

The statement had six items on it, which included thanking the party machinery who were involved in the Johor twin by-elections; taking steps to strengthen the party based on a post-mortem of the six state elections; and holding an Umno divisions convention to strengthen understanding of the party policies.

The statement also called for strengthening Umno’s ties with Pakatan Harapan at all levels; and supporting Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s plans for a bumiputera economic convention; as well as urging Umno leaders in government and GLCs to focus on helping alleviate the cost of living struggles.

Dissenting voices

Meanwhile, Asyraf said Isham did not even attend last night’s meeting.

Isham had advocated for Umno to revise its relationship with DAP following the six-state elections – in which the party performed poorly in five out of six states.

He said cooperation should not involve elections and recently called for the party to hold a referendum among the party’s grassroots to decide on the party’s future with DAP.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – with whom Isham was previously closely aligned – dismissed the referendum call.

Meanwhile, expectations that the party would sack Rembia assemblyperson Muhammad Jailani Khamis – who has been associating with Perikatan Nasional – also did not materialise last night.

Asyraf said the matter would be left to Umno’s disciplinary council.

Jailani had asked to be sacked after the party moved to discipline him for attending a PN event last month. MKINI

Umno to ‘strengthen ties’ with PH components at all levels

The Umno Supreme Council also agrees to take steps to strengthen the party based on its post-mortem on the Aug 12 state elections.

Umno secretary-general Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said all 191 Umno divisions will hold their respective meetings soon, with a focus on keeping grassroot members abreast of the party’s direction in the unity government.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno will seek to strengthen its ties with Pakatan Harapan components at all levels to ensure political stability, says secretary-general Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

Asyraf said this was among the decisions made by the Umno Supreme Council after it met at Bangungan Dato’ Onn here tonight.

He also said the top leadership has agreed to take steps to improve and strengthen the party based on its post-mortem after its dismal performance in the Aug 12 state elections.

Umno won only 19 of the 108 seats it contested, following an equally disastrous performance in the 15th general election last November, where it claimed only 26 of the 120 constituencies it contested.

Asyraf also said all 191 Umno divisions will hold their respective meetings, focusing on strengthening the party’s organisation and keeping grassroot members abreast of the party’s principles and direction in the unity government.

“Umno’s Supreme Council would also like to extend our gratitude to our election machinery in Pulai and Simpang Jeram. The Umno leaders there worked hard to secure victory for our partner in the unity government, namely PH,” he said.

Meanwhile, Asyraf denied rumours that several Umno members would be sacked tonight, saying “nothing like that happened”.

He added that the Umno disciplinary board would handle the controversy surrounding Rembia assemblyman Jailani Khamis, who was issued a show cause letter for attending a Perikatan Nasional event last month.

In a letter responding to the Umno disciplinary board, which was leaked, Jailani had requested that the party sack him. He later confirmed the contents of the leaked letter.

Asyraf also said Umno Supreme Council member Isham Jalil, who had been outspoken against the party’s ties with PH, particularly DAP, did not attend the top leadership meeting tonight.

“He did not attend the meeting. He didn’t tell us anything either,” he said.

On Monday, Isham said there were rumours circulating about a potential dismissal of Umno members, with his name said to be on the list. FMT