Enough warnings, act against ‘looters’, Anwar

‘Your post isn’t permanent, do it while you can.’

PM wants former leaders to return ‘loot’

BusinessFirst: Honestly, is there a need for all this warning? Has Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim not talked enough?

If you have evidence, then please take action.

All this talk suggests that a deal can be made and the prosecution is not independent and, as prime minister, you control who gets charged and investigated.

It feeds into the narrative that all prosecutions are political.

I think Anwar has lost the plot and is badly advised or because he is now prime minister and has everyone around him praising him, it has gone to his head.

So far, it seems Perikatan Nasional (PN) is running a far more effective campaign. I have just seen caretaker Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor‘s speech and honestly, it was very good.

I can understand why the folks in Kedah are so enthralled by him. I am worried about the unity government. I hope they get their act together soon.

Man on the Silver Mountain: I think is hugely magnanimous of the prime minister to ask the crooks to return what was stolen. It looks like an offer of amnesty.

They have a choice now, either return what they have stolen, or face being investigated.

The culture of corruption is so entrenched in the people’s minds that investigating the culprits would look like political activities and the prime minister will be blamed.

If they got convicted, then the judges were to be blamed, never the criminals.

OCT: It’s unbelievable that these two big crooks will return their loot. It is self-inflicting that they had committed a crime.

Just look at former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, the biggest crook in jail. The sad part is that he hadn’t returned any loot.

There are other cases whereby the culprits never returned any loot. No need to give them warnings as they are not effective.

If there is sufficient evidence, no need for warnings, just act according to the law. No quarter must be given and no quarter asked.

GreenFalcon2290: I see that returning a small portion of the billions stolen renders the crimes null and void.

Interesting understanding of the rule of law by Anwar. Does he know the total quantum of loot to say when it is all returned? He should know.

So what stops him from executing the myriad laws that should put the perpetrators in jail for 100 years, or maybe 200 years, if the amount determines the period of the sentence?

Why is he only targeting two? Scores of people are already being prosecuted at a glacial pace that seems to suit everyone. All of this is most fascinating.

Harimau1: This is a tough one unless you have evidence. Better to eradicate graft where it affects the common man. Life will be a lot easier.

In my area, half the parking lots at the local market are occupied by illegal traders. Either license them and give them proper stalls or have more effective enforcement freeing up the parking lots for the public.

The effect of simple things like this will be felt by the rakyat. This is just a simple example. Getting stolen loot is not easy.

The litigation process alone will take years. Success is not guaranteed. Go for the simple things, and make life easier for the general public.

Anonymous_47029368: “If not, I will ask the authorities to go to their homes and offices to check their accounts,” said Anwar.

So is Anwar now insinuating that the police and MACC “belong” to him and threatening that he can just send them out against the opposition at his whims and fancies?

If so, really unbelievable and sad that this is allowed to happen to our country.

The people must send out a strong and unequivocal message in the coming state selections to tell him this is not what they want to see.

Our police and MACC must remain professional, free and independent in carrying out their duties to our nation.

Apa pun boleh: Asking the thieves to return the loot is a double jeopardy as they also stand to be prosecuted for corruption.

A more workable solution is to charge them outright.

Before you do that, Anwar, can you please take action on one of them, a recalcitrant Johnny-come-lately to the pack, who spews toxic racism to divide people by race and religion for nothing more than to keep his hidden loot intact?

GMOD: Why only warn two when there are hundreds with unexplained wealth?

If Anwar was serious about tackling corruption, then the best solution was to enact an “unexplained wealth law”, which most other countries have.

This then puts the onus on individuals to fully explain where their wealth came from, and if they can’t, then it gets confiscated and action taken against them.

This unexplained wealth has to cover overseas wealth, as most just transfer ill-gotten gains out of the country in an attempt to hide.

Freethinker: Not sure where this is leading. If they return the “loot”, don’t they publicly confess wrongdoing?

If they don’t, you will open a file and investigate them.

What is this threat about?

If there are wrongdoings or not, either way, they won’t return the loot. If there is indeed to be wrongdoing, why allow the looter to return with no repercussions?

No more publicity stunts and continue to do a good job please, Anwar.

Uproot the culture of corruption once and for all. Your position is not permanent or guaranteed. Do it while you can. mkini

Return what you stole or face action, warns Anwar

MACHANG: A political leader who allegedly stole from the public purse has been given a stern warning – return the property or money, or face investigation.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim issued the ultimatum on Sunday, and said he would order authorities to investigate the leader if the person failed to return the assets.

The Pakatan Harapan chief has accused the leader, who he did not name, of stealing from public funds a couple of times before this.

“I have stressed three times, including tonight, that you must return the money and property you have stolen from the people,” Anwar said at a Jelajah Perpaduan Madani event, where the unity coalition’s Kelantan machinery was launched.

“If not, I will ask the authorities to investigate, including by going to the person’s house, office and checking their accounts.

“What was stolen will be taken back.”

Anwar added that he had told the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate ministers if they were involved in any questionable shares or contract dealings.

“I am not the one investigating. It is the MACC, the Inland Revenue Board, police and Bank Negara.

“I am not the one making arrests, it is the police. I am not the one delivering punishment, it is the judges,” he said.

The Prime Minister said it was important to end the culture of leaders stealing wealth and to prevent misappropriation of funds meant to help the people.

“I am proud that not only Pakatan Harapan, but also Barisan Nasional, with Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, GPS and GRS have also given their support to reject corruption,” he said.

He said PKR and Umno had grown closer since they started working together, adding that while he was easy to work with, he could not be sabotaged.   ann