Cops: Object on Siti Kasim’s car is a bomb

The police have confirmed that the object found under lawyer-activist Siti Kasim’s car earlier today is a bomb, and further investigation will be carried out on it.

Harian Metro quoted Brickfields district police chief Amihizam Abdul Shukor as saying that a bomb squad and firefighters were dispatched to the scene following a report of the incident at 12.38pm today.

Siti earlier reported that the object was found attached to the undercarriage of her Toyota Celica when she sent it for servicing at a workshop in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, earlier today.

“As soon as the call was received, police immediately closed the area surrounding the car that had the explosive device, and summoned the bomb squad and firefighters.

“Checks found two plastic bottles placed on the back tyre, believed to be an IED bomb,” Amihizam said.

IED stands for improvised explosive device. MKINI

Siti Kasim discovers ‘bomb-like’ object under her car

KUALA LUMPUR: Lawyer Siti Kasim claims there was an attempt on her life after a suspicious object was discovered underneath her car while it was being serviced at a workshop in Bangsar.

In a Facebook Live session, the activist said she feared the object could have been a bomb as wires could be seen in the object.

She said she contacted the police upon discovering the object.

“I sent my car for service as I wanted to drive to Kelantan for an Orang Asli case on Sunday.

“After I dropped off my car, I went for lunch. Suddenly, my mechanic called me and informed me of the object beneath my car,” she said.

Siti said she thanked God that she sent her car for service, otherwise she would not have discovered the object.

The Bomb Squad is on scene while police also cordoned off the area further and divert the traffic along Jalan Maarof.

Police were also seen telling the public that a bomb squad operation will commence soon, and urged everyone to stay behind the police yellow line.   ANN