Horror Movie Politicized As Porn Movie – Thanks To Free Publicity, “Pulau” Becomes A Must Watch Movie

If you oppress the people for too long, they will eventually rise to strike back. Similarly, if you prohibit people from so-called immoral behaviours such as drinking alcohol, sex outside marriage or gambling without proper education or explanations, it will also backfire. The worst is when hypocrite religious preachers try to force their belief on people of different religions.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Just because Muslims in Malaysia cannot consume alcoholic drinks, it does not mean non-Muslims in the country should also be prohibited. Some extremist Malay-Muslims try to make life difficult for non-Muslims by deliberately banning the sales of alcohol in sundry shops, grocery stalls and Chinese medicine outlets.

They can’t explain why Muslims in the Middle East, including Turkey and Palestine, can drink alcohol. But they don’t care. They get orgasm by bullying non-Muslims and interfering in their culture and internal affairs. In fact, they had no better things to do, but purposely walked into Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang in the middle of Chinese New Year preparation with the intention to pick a fight.

PAS Islamist party, emboldened with their biggest win in the recent 15th General Election, knew the majority of the population of the small island is Chinese. And the best time to provoke the minority race is Chinese New Year during which alcohol promotion would be in full force. PAS MP Muhammad Fawwaz told the mall management that the open sale of alcohol has offended Muslim shoppers.

It’s incredibly hilarious that some Muslims could easily get offended by the promotion of alcohol, which was aimed at non-Muslim shoppers in the first place, when Malay-Muslims have been taught since they were born that alcoholic drinks are forbidden in Islam. It seems their faith is so weak that a short period of promotion of beer could challenge their religion and sensitivity.

Exactly why can’t they look the other way or ignore the promotional materials of the alcoholic beverages since it was not for them? PAS religious extremists easily get offended with beer, but vigorously wanted to promote “ketum”, generally considered as narcotic drugs and has already been banned for domestic consumption in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Yes, it defies the laws of physic when PAS-Muslims saw alcohol, which cannot even be sold to Muslims, more damaging to Malays than illegal drugs which contain addictive substance. Instead of championing bread and butter issues, all the fake holy men could think of is how to interfere and take away the rights of minorities Chinese and Indians to rally support of their narrow-minded supporters.

Another favourite subject is women and sex. PAS extremists were basically on cloud nine after Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC) aired a promotional trailer of the locally produced film – “Pulau” (island). Suddenly the horror movie, which is scheduled for screening at local cinemas beginning March 9, becomes a porn movie just because actresses wearing beachwear.

Former deputy religious affairs minister Ahmad Marzuk Shaary claimed that the movie “contains scenes that are obscene and excessive”. You can bet your last dollar that this PAS leader had never missed an episode of Baywatch, an American action drama television series about lifeguards and tonnes of hot chicks in bikinis that repetitively reruns on Astro.

If Pulau can be categorized as a “soft porn” movie that contains too much nudity as claimed by some holier than thou individuals, the 242 episodes of Baywatch must be hardcore porn. Where were all the hypocrite Muslims who whine, moan and bitch till foaming at the mouth about Pulau, but happily enjoyed 11 seasons of Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth or Nicole Eggert?

It’s also laughable to label the horror movie as “not public-friendly” and “not culture-friendly”. Are you saying those Western movies on Netflix are both public-and-culture-friendly? Why subscribers of Netflix have not complained about sex, violence and porn so far? Perhaps unlimited Western porn is allowed, but not locally made Pulau, which contained only 1% of controversial scene.

Game of Thrones, another favourite American fantasy drama television series of Malaysia, contained massive amounts of nudity and sex scenes, not to mention incest porn. Yet not a single PAS preacher or holy man had raised any criticism. Films like Titanic too had sex scenes between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but the romance movie was selling like hot potatoes.

Fred Chong, producer of Pulau, said the movie would help promote the beauty of Langkawi island’s natural sandy beaches, rainforest, hidden caves and waterfalls, as well as to showcase a multicultural Malaysia. The cast of Pulau includes local big stars such as Alif Satar, Amelia Henderson, Sanjna Suri, as well as Ms Pui Yi, the first Southeast Asian woman to be featured on the cover of Penthouse.

The best part is both the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF) and Home Ministry have released a joint statement clarifying that the film  is a horror movie and not a porn film. Likewise, the Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) has rubbished accusations that Pulau contained pornographic materials after conducting a pre-screening following Finas’ Mandatory Screening Scheme.

Even if the film is soft porn, which is not, Pulau was approved and “classified P13” by LPF. The film classification means scenes in the film consists elements of horror, scary, negative acts, suspense and frantic elements, but not excessive, elusive storyline and elements that can disturb a child’s emotion. Viewers under 13 years of age need parental/guardian supervision while viewing.

Therefore, the audience has been pre-warned and those who find it too offensive can always choose not to watch it. No one’s holding a gun to your head and force you to go to the cinema. Otherwise, what’s the point of categorizing films according to the suitability of the audience? To insist that the film is soft porn, yet dearly wanted to watch it means either you’re a hypocrite or a pervert – pick one.

This brings back the old fiasco where some PAS Islamist perverts accused the uniforms of Malaysian flight attendants as too sexy, but could not resist the temptation of watching them. The sex maniacs would rather shamelessly argue and politicize about uniforms than talk about the safety and well-being of the female workers. They could not even control their desires by looking at some stewardess.

Like it or not, the truth remains that despite strict and harsh Islamic law in Kelantan, the state under PAS government saw HIV cases involving homosexuals increased by 33.2% over five years (2016-2021) to 49.1%. Of course, PAS extremists and their gullible supporters cannot explain why Kelantan has such a high HIV cases, despite cinemas are banned in the state.

The legend says it was precisely because the Malay Muslims have been too strictly controlled that sex and drugs flourish in an Islamic state like Kelantan. Men would cross over to Golok, where a substantial number of brothels awaiting visiting Kelantanese. You don’t need a movie like Pulau to poison the minds of PAS-Muslims to look for illicit sex or sex with underage.

Sadly, the new Pakatan Harapan-led unity government chose to dance to the tune of a bunch of extremists and perverts. Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil, instead of defending the movie industry, has taken the easy and lazy way out by agreeing with the suggestion that the horror film “Pulau” is not suitable for viewing. Thanks to free publicity, the movie is a must watch.