Another “cap ayam” slogan 

Government by Slogan: Malaysia Madani
A guiding framework or folly?
Murray Hunter  Jan 19 2023

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  • “Malaysia Madani” new slogan for govt
  • Mahathir had ‘Vision 2020” or ‘Wawasan 2020”
  • Badawi instigated ‘Islam Hadhari’
  • Najib used ‘1Malaysia’ 
  • Ismail Sabri had ‘Keluarga Malaysia’
  • Slogans create mini-industry  
  • No doubt new slogan will cost money 
  • reprint stationary with ‘Malaysia Madani’
  • ‘Malaysia Madani’  seminars, workshops
  • consultancy firms will develop Madani mgmnt modules
  • local uni academic papers on Malaysia Madani 
  • academics, consultants lots of fodder to work with
  • no doubt the ‘new ideology’

(OSTB : How about Nasi Kandar Madani? There will be at least one somewhere).

So what is ‘Malaysia Madani’?

  • its Arabic (which hasn’t gone unnoticed in non-Malay circles)
  • means city, indirectly referring to City of Medina
  • Madani means developed thinking, spirituality, materiality
  • Madani balances individual liberties and social stability

(OSTB : That last line sounds scary. It can also be read as “individual liberties can be sacrificed to conform with what the majority decides is good for you and me“. What if the majority are idiots?

Surah 6:116  And if you obey the majority of those in the earth, they will lead you astray from Allah’s way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie. 

So following the majority is no guarantee that they are correctly guided. They might just as easily lead you astray. How can we know? Just look at them. They are all failures. The whole lot of them. Club of Doom.)

Mao Zedong had Red Book
Muammar Gaddafi had Green Book
..  Malaysia Madaninot clear whether cabinet, components of “unity coalition” agreed to Malaysia Madani as the basis of all policy

(OSTB : They have to win the Malay vote in the upcoming State elections in Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Negeri, Kelantan and Terengganu). 

Malaysia Madani 6 components, core values, foundation of nation

1.      Sustainability,
2.      Wellbeing,
3.      Creativity and innovation,
4.      Respect,
5.      Confidence, and
6.      Courtesy.

  • Predictably, social media sceptics having field day. 
  • ‘another slogan’, ‘slogans don’t work’, ‘Mad A I..m’
  • Let’s see where Malaysia Madani goes 
  • replacement to New Economic Policy (NEP)?
  • or just another slogan 

 My Comments : I think this graphic explains it all.