As the Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman wearing an all-black baju Melayu addressed the division leaders, there was almost an atmosphere of celebration at the office of the Malay nationalist party still reeling from the 15th general election.

Shafei urged other division leaders to close ranks and accept the necessity of the party’s choice of new political partners owing to Umno’s dismal performance in GE15.

Early today, after decades of waiting to hold the nation’s top job, the wait has ended after Istana Negara named Anwar as the next prime minister after days of political impasse.

Anwar is expected to form a coalition government of Pakatan Harapan, BN, Gabungan Parti Sarawak, and others. MM

130 division chiefs want Zahid to continue leading Umno

ABOUT 130 Umno division chiefs or their representatives today expressed support for party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to continue leading the party.

Wangsa Maju Umno division chief Mohd Shafie Abdullah said this support was also to ensure Zahid continues upholding the struggle for the Malay-based party to stay relevant.

Shafie told this to reporters after attending a meeting between Umno division chiefs and the party president today.

He also urged division chiefs who have doubted Zahid’s leadership of to “return” so that the party remains united. – Bernama