In a statement today, Lim said Nik Abduh, a PAS leader, had no reason to use his official letterhead and status as Bachok MP to seek Kota Baru Municipal Council’s (KBMC) “cooperation” for his daughter’s wedding when the event was not related to his public duty.

“Nik Abduh should explain what he meant by requesting cooperation from KBMC for his daughter’s wedding.

“Normally these services from local councils can be provided for a fee or at specified rental rates that are offered to all.

Lim also said that KBMC president Rosnazli Amin’s refusal to confirm whether he had approved Nik Abduh’s request had “piqued public interest”.

Malay daily Harian Metro yesterday reported that Rosnazli confirmed that his office received the request, but said: “I did not even note it as passed”.

However, on September 23, online news portal Getaran quoted an anonymous source who supposedly works for the local council as saying that they had received instructions to deliver tables, chairs and floral decorations for Nik Abduh’s daughter’s event.

Nik Abduh’s letter dated September 20, published by Getaran, showed him asking for KBMC’s “cooperation” to set up traffic control, waste management service, as well as tables, chairs and floral decorations.