Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is seen left from Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex after attended 1mdb's trial on November 18.—AZMAN GHANI/The Star


Najib’s final dash in court – a breath-taking suspense

The SRC International 1MDB corruption trial will soon be into its the final leg this month come 15 August when the appeal will be heard by the Federal Court.

Indeed the nation is at grips going by the intensifying TikTok and other social media postings being shared widely.

Meanwhile news media is also on the pulse, featuring various opinions and insights.

Allegations, speculations, rumours, propaganda and unsolicited conclusions are all crowding the communication platforms and is of course the most hot topic at local kopitiams.

Some of the significant perspectives being traded include the following.

If Najib loses the appeal he goes behind bars.

If he goes to prison, would he get a royal pardon? The speculation or perception is rooted in a recent Palace photoshoot that went viral.

If he goes to prison then will Zahid or Rosmah be the next hot topic in the country?

Maybe the case gets postponed – so speculate some segments.

Or will it all be timed so neatly to bring Umno back into full swing in time for GE-15?

Indeed with so much of choking speculations, allegations, opinions and learned viewpoints, one thing is for sure.

Investors and business persons will be the most concerned as they hold tight their purse strings. 

Neighbouring leaders in the ASEAN belt and further off will be watching us more intently. 

Indeed one man with his 1MDB pipe dreams has already catapulted the entire nation whatever the outcome will be in the Malaysian Palace of Justice post 15 August 2022.

So much of time, energy, resources have been spent fighting and tackling this mother of all battles when we as a nation could have been working hard to make the nation more resilient economically, socially and politically better off.

So whether Najib (and the coterie of others in tow) will be imprisoned, pardoned or let off as free, innocent birds is not the ultimate question.

It is how much the nation has already suffered and has been severely set back because of these corruption sagas.

Will the decision makers and sympathisers take stock of this huge and yet to be quantified national loss?

Hopefully some reliable media house or university will do the research and present the findings.

J. D. Lovrenciear