The dehumanisation of ‘others’, PAS-style

‘Those who disagree with them are described as animals and insects.’

Hadi rejects Harapan: ‘Their tent has mice, cats, all sorts’

GanMu: It is shocking and embarrassing indeed to read the denigrating terms used by the president of a religious party in describing those from other parties.

It is basic human decency to call another person by his or her name and use proper terms to refer to your opponents.

How can one expect to believe in PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang and have respect for him when he calls fellow Malaysians “mice, cats and all sorts” but not the proper terminology such as “people with different race and religion” or “opponents who differ in opinion from us”?

Why is he so spiteful and full of hatred for his opponents? He has never learnt from this – that every human being is precious in this world.

We have been taught never to use such derogatory terms, even against our perceived enemies. To us humankind is the creation of God, we have no right to denigrate them.

We may have differences of opinion, religion and race, but we should learn to set aside these differences and live together towards a common goal. This is what every religion teaches us – “to love”.

For the sake of good order, politics and religion should not and never mix. PAS, being a religious party, should confine itself to promoting Islam and teaching good values.

When these PAS leaders decide to become politicians, that’s when all hell breaks loose. They start naming and shaming all and sundry who come in their way and their religion takes a back seat.

Today’s PAS leaders are more interested in the “benefits” that come with their positions in government. Having tasted that, they will go to any extent to not only retain what they have but try to get more by all means.

If Muslims want to support a Malay-only party, they have many choices in Umno, Amanah, Bersatu and Pejuang. PAS has to make up its mind – it’s either religion or politics. They can’t have the cake and eat it.

BlackTiger4134: Hadi speaks of Chinese and Indians in DAP as “mice and cats”, contrary to Islam, which says there shall be no racial discrimination.

Hadi’s brand of communalism does not auger well for Malaysia as a nation. Communalism will bring the whole country down. Pakatan Harapan accepts all as they are.

Existential Turd: This is a common tactic of bigots. They dehumanise the people who disagree with them by depicting them as animals and insects.

This desensitises the followers into discriminating against the minorities and is a prelude to persecution and genocide.

To hold such a view against people who although not of the same faith, but created by the same God, speaks volumes about the faith they profess to practice.

Federal Bakery: Hadi’s knowledge of politics is as bad as his knowledge of his religion.

If he really understood the one and believed the power of the other, he should be there standing on the pulpit speaking out against the evil that is being done to this country.

Attire and abuse of others fail to impress anyone as he shows no courage to speak out against the corruption of principles and morals of those in the tents he once shared.

If he was truly religious and a man who believes the slogans he so freely utters, he should be standing up for the country and its people.

As it is, he can see no higher than the cats and mice, God’s creatures he so easily derides.

One: Hadi, please continue to focus on Muslim unity. Unite sincere and honest-to-the-heart Muslims, please. We need honest Muslims with integrity badly in this country’s leadership.

So far, we don’t see any in your party. Amongst your friends, the ones you like may give you power and money but they seem to be bent on destroying the institutions of the country from the Securities Commission, the PDRM, and the judiciary to MACC, etc. The money you are getting is dirty money.

OCT: This is the problem when Hadi thinks too highly about PAS that he has lost reality.

Religion is not the only deciding factor to win elections. Governance, integrity, honesty and moderation are some of the winning points that PAS don’t possess.

All other parties are shunning PAS and this gives the impression that PAS is not suitable as a coalition partner. PAS brings more problems and issues to any coalition than benefits and advantages.

The bottom line is PAS must be an asset and not a liability. Hadi should come to his senses that PAS is like a plague that most parties would prefer to stay away from.

Talking big is of no use. It is fooling itself.

MA: Yes, do not be fooled by PAS antics. It’s not about religion or how to treat another person.

They use religion to win over the unsuspecting Muslims, but truly it’s all political in the end. And they will do it at all costs.

Hang Babeuf: Once again. PAS rejects any big tent. It prefers to remain in a small cave. One as narrow and limited as the horizons of its own imagination.

They are comfortable with that. Happy to live exclusively on their own terms – as if no one else exists…

And perhaps they have no real choice. Who in their right mind would want to share a tent with those camel-heads?

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art That Can Be Bought: Snakes should not have to make statements like these, knowing that rats would not welcome them in their tent anyway.

Sorry, I had to go animal in keeping with the narrative.