The Najib verdict – a bittersweet victory

‘Any other person would have to file appeal from behind bars.’

Court unanimously throws out Najib’s appeal, allows stay of execution

Vijay47: So, what now? Many Malaysians, including me, were not wholly convinced that our judiciary would rise to the occasion when push came to shove. Many believed that High Court judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali was that solitary swallow, an act unlikely to be followed.

Today, to our great relief and delight, we have been proven wrong. The pride of our courts has been returned to its traditional heights.

To me, this is the greater victory. Not whether Najib Abdul Razak moves residence soon or has to change his wardrobe to standard issue, though with more vibrant colours. These are trivialities that pale in comparison to the magnitude of the respect the judiciary has earned.

For sure, Najib will appeal to the Federal Court, a futile effort from which only RM9 million counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah would benefit as he dances to the bank.

Judge Nazlan, and now the Court of Appeal, have done a thorough job in plugging every possible hole that might be exploited, so much so that overturning today’s decision has about as much chance as that snowball in hell.

Yet, there is more. Let us hope that bodies like the MACC, the police, and even the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) awake fully to their inherent responsibilities and try to elevate themselves from the depths they have fallen into.

Their exuberance in withdrawing charges and their paralysis in filing appeals are almost fatal shortcomings they have to rid themselves of.

My later vodka-Sprite promises to be particularly exhilarating!

Malaysia Bharu: Thank you, judges, for a fair judgment that even Umno stewards would welcome as a long-awaited opportunity to dislodge the 1MDB baggage and move on to better times.

As for the people, it is a long-awaited relief to see possible closure to the Najib/Rosmah Mansor era of unbridled abuses, corruption, international infamy and their endless greed for unearned wealth and luxury that drove them to steal from their own people largely consisting of the poor.

The people couldn’t wait for Najib to begin serving his sentence. His remorselessness and manipulative behaviour in court and outside ever since he was charged have left a bitter taste in the people’s mouths.

Najib is trying to outdo the courts through political manoeuvring. That should not be allowed to happen as there are just too many alleged crimes to his name. The people and country should be spared from his cunning manipulative ways to politicise, prolong and manoeuvre his way out.

Snowman: Any other person and they would have ended up in jail already. So, why the double standard?

If Najib had been convicted and the Court of Appeal agreed with the initial ruling, then he is guilty as of now, regardless of the option for further appeals. As such, the sentencing should start immediately. His lawyers can visit him in prison for their preparations for the final appeal.

Yet, he continues to roam free to do whatever and go wherever he likes. What is the message that we are sending here?

That anyone can rob the country blind but as long as they have the money to fight and drag the case on indefinitely, then they can remain free and considered innocent until the Federal Court’s ruling?

By that formula, please release all the inmates who are awaiting their cases in the apex court.

It only looked like Najib was subjected to the same law as the rest of us but it’s obvious that he enjoys benefits none of us does.

FairMalaysian: Najib is lucky. While Anwar Ibrahim had to fight from behind bars at every stage of his case, Najib is still free. Maybe when Najib finally lands in jail, he may recall the days when he incarcerated Anwar.

I have only one nagging pain – this continuously simmering thought – as to why Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not taken to court like Najib and perhaps even a short stint in jail may awaken him.

Do any one of you recall Perwaja Steel, the Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) fiasco, the Lingamgate (he was implicated), the Sabah IC fiasco? And what was Anwar charged with corruption for? Not even one ringgit.

During Operation Lallang, many were arrested and jailed under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Mahathir then passed the buck to then IGP Haniff Omar – yes, the same Haniff Omar who “erroneously said that Lim Kit Siang wanted Malaya to be divided into two – that is the East Coast for the Malays and the West Coast for the Chinese.”

Haniff apologised in open court. A blatant racist statement from Haniff and yet no action was taken against him for this appalling and most toxic mischievous lie.

VioletOrca0545: Of course, he looked composed. He can still appeal up to the Federal Court and buy more time until the next election.

The possibility of Najib going into jail? It could very well be zero percent.

Fair-Minded Senior Citizen: Yes, hold your horses, friends. This man will yet get away at the federal level or get a quick pardon if convicted and will be back at the next election and get voted in by fools to cheat and steal once again.

But I hope against hope that justice will prevail and the future of Malaysia is not bandied about.

WhiteDove7904: The prosecution should have cross-appealed for a higher sentence – 20 years would be more appropriate for the crime committed.

A person who is caught with 1kg of drugs gets the death sentence. Najib’s “drugs” in the form of embezzlement and destroying the nation’s economy is certainly more than 1kg, but he gets 12 years only.

OceanMaster: This is an extremely important unanimous decision by the appellate court.

Najib’s behaviour is as if Malaysia is a lawless country and his ability to amass the support of the gullible public is really the biggest risk to democracy and adherence to the rule of law.

Now, time to go after Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the busload of knaves who parade themselves as political leaders, purportedly defending the Malay race and the Islamic religion.