High Court orders Paul Yong to enter defence on rape charge

IPOH: Former state executive council member Paul Yong, who was accused of raping his Indonesian maid more than two years ago, has been ordered by the High Court to enter his defence.

Judge Datuk Abdul Wahab Mohamed on Tuesday (Dec 7) ruled that there was a prima facie case against Yong after taking into consideration all the evidence submitted throughout the trial.

Yong was ordered to enter his defence on Feb 15 and 16, and he has chosen to give his statement under oath with a witness statement.

Justice Abdul Wahab said he had looked at several elements from the statement given by the obstetrician and gynaecologist, among which was a fresh tear found on the victim’s hymen.

“The victim’s statement has also been consistent throughout on the penetration without consent; on her screaming and trying to fight back during the incident; as well as her unheard screams when her arm was pulled due to the closed door.

“Her statement that she was unable to fight back due to the accused’s big body size and strength, as well as her running to the bathroom to clean herself up after feeling dirty, disgusted and insulted is taken into consideration,” he said.

State prosecution director Azlina Rashdi prosecuted the case, while Yong was represented by lead defence counsel Datuk Rajpal Singh and Salim Bashir.

On Aug 23, 2019, Yong claimed trial at the Ipoh Sessions Court to a charge of raping his then 23-year-old maid.

The offence was allegedly committed in a room on the top floor of his house in Meru Desa Park between 8.15pm and 9.15pm on July 7 that year.

He was charged under Section 376(1) of the Penal Code, which carries a term of imprisonment for up to 20 years and is liable to whipping, if found guilty.

On Dec 15 last year, the Federal Court allowed an application by the defence team to transfer the case to the High Court.

When met outside the court, Rajpal said the defence team respected the judge’s decision.

“We are looking at calling four witnesses. My client is still innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur consular Rijal Al Huda, when met outside the court, said they were happy with the decision.

He hoped the victim would get justice as the case has been ongoing for more than two years.

“She has been disconnected from her family and hometown for years.

“We are looking forward to having a just decision after the defence is called,” he said.