Rafizi warns PKR against accepting Malacca’s political ‘frogs’

FORMER PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has warned the party against accepting the political “frogs” involved in bringing down the Malacca government earlier this month.

In a Facebook post, the former Pandan MP said these assemblymen are not respected by the public, and accepting them would only further erode the people’s confidence.

“The people are already at risk of Covid-19 because of the greed and power struggles among Umno, BN (Barisan Nasional) and PN (Perikatan Nasional) leaders,” he said.

“One or two PKR leaders may be eager to seize this opportunity to become a bigger force in Malacca politics but don’t let such eagerness cloud decisions by taking shortcuts,” he added. 

Rafizi warned that the individuals involved have a “terrible reputation”. 

“The attitude of these assemblymen, who like to swear and curse, is not one we want to present,” he said. 

On Monday, the Election Commission announced that Malacca will hold elections on November 20.

EC Chairman Abdul Ghani Salleh said the polls will have a 12-day campaign period, with nominations starting on November 8.

The elections are expected to cost the government RM46 million.  TMI

PH risks marring image if it fields gang of four in Melaka pollsemail sharing button

Idris Haron (left) and Nor Azman Hassan were among the four whose resignations caused the fall of the Melaka state government. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Political analyst Azmi Hassan has cautioned Pakatan Harapan against accepting former Melaka chief minister Idris Haron and his three colleagues into its fold and fielding them in the coming state election.

He said PH’s principles would come into question and it risked being punished by voters.

Another analyst, Wong Chin Huat, said questions would be asked about PH’s stand on party hopping should it accept the four assemblymen, whose resignation caused the fall of the state government.

He noted that PH was strongly critical of those who defected from the coalition in the Sheraton Move.

“PH cannot see party hopping to be good when frogs come to it and bad when frogs go to Barisan Nasional or Bersatu,” he said. “Voters are not blind.”

A recent news report said Idris, who is the assemblyman for Sungai Udang, and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Pengkalan Batu) Noor Effandi Ahmad (Telok Mas) and Nor Azman Hassan (Pantai Kundor) were planning to contest under the PH banner in the state polls.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said yesterday the party would raise objections if Norhizam, a former DAP member, contested under PH. However, he chose not to comment on Idris, Nor Azman and Effandi.

Azmi said Lim’s lack of opposition to the plan by Idris, Nor Azman and Effandi to contest under PH went against his party’s stand, but he added that he understood the possible value to DAP of collaborating with them in garnering Malay support.

“But it will be very difficult for Idris, Nor Azman and Effandi to attract those who voted for them in 2018 or before if they’re contesting in their old constituencies,” he said.

Wong said the three would face a tough time defending their seats if they did not have strong personal followings.

However, he said DAP had no power to give the thumbs down to candidates of other PH parties unless they were going to contest for seats it was interested in.

Wong expects the PH parties to close ranks in the lead-up to the polls, but he warned that losing the elections would see the coalition’s leadership being called into question for courting the defectors from Umno and Bersatu.   FMT