Covid-19 (Sept 6): 17,352 new cases, easing in Klang Valley, but not in S’wak

The number of Covid-19 infections today reported today by the Health Ministry was 17,352 cases.

This represents a decline from yesterday’s tally of 20,396.

Selangor has fallen to 2,126 cases but Sarawak is now at its highest with 3,714 cases

The following is the number of new cases by state:

Sarawak – 3,714
Selangor – 2,126
Johor – 2,101
Sabah – 1,844
Kedah – 1,599
Penang – 1,558
Kelantan – 1,213
Perak – 1,082
Terengganu – 700
Pahang – 463
KL – 398
Malacca – 295
Negri Sembilan – 193
Perlis – 38
Putrajaya – 23
Labuan – 5   – MKINI

Warning signals should be sounding that we are on the wrong track in the war against Covid-19 pandemic as a week after the new government, as we are not only having more daily new Covid-19 cases than Indonesia, we are having more daily Covid-19 deaths than India.

Indonesia has more than eight times the population of Malaysia, yet for nineteen consecutive days, Malaysia is having more daily Covid-19 cases than Malaysia. Yesterday, we had 20,396 Covid-19 cases and Indonesia has 5,403 cases – about a quarter of that of Malaysia.

What is completely unacceptable is that we are also losing out to India in daily
Covid-19 deaths. India as over 42 times’ population that of Malaysia, yet for the second day, there are more daily Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia than in India?

Yesterday, there were 336 Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia but India had 218 Covid-19 deaths. The day before, 363 people in Malaysia died of Covid-19 but India’s daily toll was 120.

On May 6, India reached its peak of daily Covid-19 deaths when 414,422 people died of the new coronavirus that day. Now, it has been reduced to 217 deaths, which is 0.05% of its peak of 414,422 Covid-19 deaths.

Malaysia reached its peak of daily Covid-19 fatality with 393 Covid-19 deaths on 26th August and since then we have been ranging between 249 to 363 daily Covid-19 deaths, uncertain whether we are to reach new peak or begin a descent of daily Covid-19 deaths.

Why are we doing so poorly in the war against the Covid-19 pandemic, even losing out to Indonesia and India.

Our World in Data website documented that for September 4, 2021, the total Covid-19 cases per million population for the three countries are: Indonesia 14,921.08, India 23,674.79 and Malaysia 55,663.54. The daily Covid-19 cases per million population were: Indonesia 24.34, India 30.69 and Malaysia 581.43.

Data for Covid-19 deaths per million population are no better. For total Covid-19 deaths per million population, the data are Indonesia 490.19, India 316.15 and Malaysia 545.61. For daily Covid-19 deaths per million population, the data are Indonesia 1.95; India 0.22 and Malaysia 11.04.

The new Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin should convene a urgent meeting of experts in the public and private health sectors over the high Covid-19 death rates, especially Brought-in-Dead cases, which reached a peak of 107 out of 336 Covid-19 deaths yesterday.

This is the fourth day that Malaysia has recorded triple-digit figures for Brought-in-Dead Covid-19 deaths and this trend should be halted immediately.

Khairy had promised to be transparent and to provide more detailed Covid-19 data to the public.

He can start by giving a state-by-state breakdown of the daily BID Covid-19 death cases and to target the reduction of BID cases to daily single-digit figures by the end of his First Hundred Days as the new Health Minister.

(Media Statement (2) by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, Sept. 6, 2021)