Amanah’s Sepang MP Hanipa Maidin (above) has blasted leaders from his former party, PAS, saying they have created a new definition of morality that allows them to ignore injustice to ordinary citizens.

“In an apparently official stand by PAS on the issue of a minister from its own party (Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali) violating a mandatory order of 14-days quarantine upon his arrival from Turkey, the PAS president categorically said that the party would only take disciplinary action against its own member if the latter is found to have breached a morality code.

“Alas, the party seems to have its own ‘sacred’ version of morality,” said Hanipa in a statement, adding that PAS was in the grip of a “holier than thou mentality” under the leadership of president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“The breach of quarantine seems to have escaped from PAS’ idea of the violation of morality.

“If such an act of betrayal does not trigger PAS’ infrared sensors of morality, one would be utterly foolish to expect any breach of the mandatory quarantine order to be declared as immoral by PAS,” said Hanipa in a withering attack on the party he left in 2015, when its progressive wing moved to form Amanah after being frozen out in party elections.

“Indeed it really puzzles me as to how PAS views the utter discriminations, in terms of punishment inflicted upon the ordinary citizens compared to the people in the upper echelon of the current government.

“Poor citizens were brought to courts of law, duly charged, tried, convicted and punished but the minister from PAS was not treated in the same manner.

“The answer is a resounding ‘no’! He was only issued a compounded fine of RM1,000. Such a meager fine is only peanuts,” Hanipa said.


Khairuddin (above) had returned from a trip to Turkey on July 7 and was seen in the Dewan Rakyat just six days later, on July 13.

He was also seen in many other places during the period he was supposed to be under mandatory home quarantine.

He eventually offered to sacrifice four months of his salary and the police have taken his statement, but he has yet to be charged in court.

While he has apologised, Khairuddin has brushed aside resignation calls and maintained he had merely broken standard operating procedures (SOPs) but did not err in his job.

On Aug 31, PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin dubbed Khairuddin a “hero” and blamed the scandal of “negligence” on the Health Ministry as well as Wisma Putra.

Hanipa was not keen to let this slide either.

“Apart from president Hadi of PAS, other leaders also lent their undivided support to the same minister.

“The PAS spiritual leader went the extra mile by employing Quranic text in passionately defending the PAS minister and contended that the clear violation of the quarantine order was merely a minor breach of the SOP.

“He, in fact, blamed the Health Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the PAS minister’s mischief,” Hanipa said.

Hanipa also slammed PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who he accused of trying to deviate the issue.

Birds of a feather flock together in PAS

‘They act as if they are paragons of virtue and can do no wrong.’

PAS spiritual leader defends Khairuddin, lays blame on health, foreign ministries

BusinessFirst: I wonder with so many religious schools that PAS runs, what kind of morality is being taught there.

So based on this latest account, I suppose it is no longer the DAP’s fault, it is the ministers in the health and foreign ministries who are at fault.

So Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali just did not know that he had to quarantine and/or wear a wrist band.

Can we all try this “I do not know” defence? I did not know the money entered my account. I did not know that I spent that money. I did not know stealing Ahmad’s money was wrong, I only thought stealing from Yusof was wrong. I did not know I could not drink and drive.

Western jurisprudence which has been accepted across the world, including China, Japan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc, have a principle – “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. If we allowed this defence, there would be chaos.

Next, Khairuddin is a hero “who saved Malaysia and he is getting maligned…”.

Please let us know what he has done to “save Malaysia”? Just saying that 1,000 times does not make it true. What exactly was his reason for travelling to Turkey? What did he actually achieve there?

I have not heard any announcements from Malaysia or Turkey of RM82,000,000,000 of investments (please count the zeros). In fact, I have not even heard any announcement of RM82,000 investments coming in.

In any case, how does his so-called “good deeds” absolve him from wrongdoing? If this is the case, the next time a doctor runs the red light and kills someone, we should call him a hero because as a doctor he had saved many lives so killing one or two is still “more good” than “bad”. What kind of reasoning and morality is this?

I also do not agree with Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) associate professor Rozaimi Ramle. While I agree with him that “there is no need” for the minister to be equated to the hoopoe in the bid to defend him, I disagree with his simplistic reasoning. In my view, the academic is in error.

He seems to think that there is no need to defend Khairuddin anymore since he had already been punished by paying the fine and giving up four months of his salary. I disagree. For his supporters, there is still a need to defend him because the punishment is not consistent with others who have done far less. The issue is double standards.

Hence, while there is a need for his supporters to defend him, the problem is that at the moment, the “defences” are spurious and unjustifiable. I think the problem is perhaps that his conduct is not defensible.

Would you Khairuddin, PAS leaders, and all who claim to be moral leaders, just apologise like what Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s granddaughter did. It’s strange that a young woman has more moral fibre than all these grown men.

PAS seems to like to spit in the face of public opinion by doubling down on dubious principles. Can you imagine if they win power? They act as if they are paragons of virtue and can do no wrong. This is very dangerous for a nation. Be warned.

Malaysia Bharu: PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin’s contention that Khairuddin must not be faulted for the failure of the health and foreign ministries is tantamount to saying that criminals and wrongdoers roaming free must not be faulted if the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) failed to enforce the laws.

By extension, Hashim’s contention infers that Khairuddin should be indemnified by the RM1,000 fine imposed on him. Hashim further contends that Khairuddin is to be honoured as a hero that saved the people of Malaysia.

It is very clear that PAS is diverting attention to keep the lid on disturbing questions over Khairuddin’s trip to Turkey and back. Khairuddin’s Turkey jaunt with his family and friends and their subsequent alleged quarantine breach are growing more intriguing by the day.

With the authorities looking the other way and the ludicrous spin by PAS leaders to distract from the truth, the people are depending on the police probe to establish the truth.

Why has PAS hailed him as a hero who saved Malaysia and alluded to some religious texts in the Quran? Is it true he brought in RM82 billion in investments as allegedly claimed by Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim in Parliament?

What was the reason for his ‘semi-official’ tour in the midst of the pandemic when international borders were shut down? Who are those that accompanied him and who paid their expenses? Did they also breach the standard operation procedure (SOP) on their return?

If so, what action was taken against them? The answers to these questions will determine the complicity of the main players in the Khairuddin quarantine caper.

Anonymous_47029368: “…Khairuddin, Hashim said, could not be blamed for not being made to wear the pink wristband, signalling those who are to undergo the two-week mandatory home quarantine, upon his return from Turkey last month…

“It’s not his fault…The Health Ministry was negligent, so was the Foreign Affairs Ministry, causing him to be attacked…”

Can the government now please clarify whether the Health Ministry or Foreign Affairs Ministry is indeed negligent in not requiring Khairuddin to wear the pink wrist band and did not serve him the home quarantine order?

Doc: I guess the foreign and health ministries were at fault because they assumed that Khairuddin had brains and intellect to understand the importance of quarantine procedures in battling the global pandemic and would have submitted himself and his family to self-quarantine in accordance to Malaysian law.

CEC: In other countries (Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand), ministers and government advisors have immediately resigned after being caught for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules.

While back home in Malaysia, this minister tries at first to maintain his innocence, and then changed tack by seeking forgiveness and offering to give up a few months of his salary (which was the rakyat’s money in the first place). All so that he can desperately cling on to his post.

Bobby0: It just boggles our mind at the stupidity of all the excuses given by PAS to protect their own counterpart who had openly broken the law.

Senior leaders and politicians in the various nations have more principles than these so-called religious leaders. They resigned the moment they admit to the mistake they had made.