‘This act of offering gratification by a deputy minister is certainly against the law…’

Video shows Bersatu Youth chief hopeful promising support letters for votes

CEC: I fully agree with the comments here – that some ‘Bersatu-of-new’ leaders are no different from the Umno-of-old.

His shrill exhortations, instead of sounding like a resounding rallying call, came across more like a plea to safe himself and to justify the various missteps Bersatu had made in the last few months.

It is clear the Fayhsal is a political lightweight who is huge on ambitious but sadly short on talent. His reasoning and views made in several press reports in the last few weeks showed immaturity and a detachment from reality on the ground.


HangTuahPJ: “As a deputy minister, and God-willing, as the national Youth chief, I can make things easier,” said Fayhsal in a video.

As a God abiding person, I always feel disgusted, angry and insulted when people “drag” God into their misguided/evil/racist/dishonest actions/intentions.

Please, leave my God out of this. With people like you, no wonder people generally look down on Islam because you mention Allah even when you are doing unholy things.

Bobby0: The ‘you scratch my back and l scratch yours’ syndrome is common in our political system.

What more will you expect of such a politician if he moves up the ladder? What will he compromise – positions, perks and projects in exchange for support?

It looks like it doesn’t matter whether these people are capable as long as they support him in return. Fayhsal has indeed learned fast from his mentor, Bersatu president and Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

This is open corruption. Will MACC investigate? We know where their priorities lie. They have become a compromised group.

It is sad to see where this God-given paradise is heading – down the slippery path of doom in every area.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Yes, this is clearly abuse of power and a case of offering bribes. Or is the Bersatu Muhyiddin faction above the law? No wonder the public are questioning the integrity of the MACC.

CH Y: Indeed, this is equivalent to corruption as defined in the MACC Act. There is video evidence. No double standards, please.

I think MACC and attorney-general (AG) will be able to file several hundred cases from the forthcoming elections.

After that, all the politicians will be disqualified from office and the country can run on autopilot.

Constitutional Supremacy: In return for voters supporting him, Fayhsal will give support letters to give them an advantage (in getting government contracts). This is a clear violation of MACC Act.

This Bersatu deputy minister vying for Bersatu’s Youth post is using highly corrupt methods to gain power. It appears that the end justifies the means.

Anonymous Observer: Such an act of offering gratification by a deputy minister is certainly against the law.

MACC should have acted on this pathetic Bersatu leader who had commented on a similar issue (involving his rival in relation to a personal letter to Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor requesting for a position in an agency or government-linked company).

All forms of selective prosecution must stop, if there’s any, to correct the negative perceptions the people have on the government.

Vgeorgemy: The video is evident why these politicians are brutally going after DAP leader Lim Guan Eng and his family. They want to seize public resources for their cronies without any accountability.

LivinginthePAS: There’s no subtlety now. They openly solicit for votes in return for rewards.

If I were a Malay, I would be worried that such people are in positions of authority. It’s no longer a case of race or religion. It is now a case of Malay leaders degenerating into immoral and unprincipled people and being proud of it.

Do Malays really want to trade rewards for the degeneration of their race?

Anonymous_Reader: How can the country progress with such kind of mentality of not caring about the nation?

Taxpayers will end up paying more taxes and consumers paying higher prices so that these self-serving souls can keep up with their sinful lifestyles.

The poor will get poorer, and some may be tempted to commit crimes in order to survive.

Iphonezours: This is so disgusting, I thought Bersatu was different from Umno and seriously wanted to fight corruption. It looks like this is just mere talk and what Dr Mahathir Mohamad said about Bersatu is so true – it has strayed from the right path.

If this is the type of leader you are, God Save Malaysia.

Salvage Malaysia: Indeed, this is despicable. They might as well join Umno because it’s the same modus operandi there. Bersatu was not set up to be this way.

Fayhsal, I wish you well but I have a feeling that Bersatu candidates will be annihilated in GE15. If this outcome turns out to be true, please enjoy your short stint as deputy minister with all your ‘surat sokongan’ (support letters).

ABCXYZ: ‘BossKu’ must be smiling and impressed. What a great disciple he has trained.