‘The government’s responsibility is to help the poor citizens, irrespective of race…’

Guan Eng: Skin colour won’t guarantee if you’re rich or poor

Bravemalaysian: Most of the towns were founded and built by Chinese entrepreneurs for the purpose of trade. They prospered.

Many Chinese continue to live in rural areas and some in towns are not rich. They are among the hardcore poor. The rich Chinese have worked hard to achieve what they have, some arguably using questionable business practices.

But the government’s responsibility is to help the poor citizens, irrespective of race, to get them out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

True: We should highlight the real problem in Malaysia – intra-ethnic economic imbalances – rather than keep telling Malaysians only about inter-ethnic economic imbalances.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is fanning racial hatred to divide Malaysians in order to win support and power.

BluePanther4725: Whenever Mahathir faces a problem, he will stir up racial tensions for people to talk about so that it distracts people from the issues that really matter. This has always been his trick and we won’t fall for it anymore.

Mahathir is facing a dilemma because he cannot get the support of Pakatan Harapan to become PM again. Spewing nonsensical racist garbage proves he is not suitable to be our PM.

Salvage Malaysia: This is the problem when Malaysians still want to make Mahathir relevant.

He will tell you one day that the Chinese are rich because they work hard and Malays must emulate them. The next day, he will tell you that the wealth of the Chinese is an unhealthy trend.

Then he will also tell you he has always kept his promises. Why not ask Mahathir to show us photos of the houses and cars his children have?

VioletFish0943: I don’t think this 95-year-old has any moral authority to make this comment unless he is willing to declare his and his family’s wealth and how they acquired it.

If the Malays are still poor today, it is because of him having been PM for over 24 years and doing nothing to improve their lives but instead enriching himself, his family, and his cronies.

Yes, former finance minister Lim Guan Eng also has no moral grounds to speak after the below market value purchase of his bungalow and by pushing for developments in Penang against the wishes of the people who voted them into power.

We dare him to hold a referendum to let the people of Penang decide if they want the projects that have been proposed and are already on the way.

Gulugulu: Only now Guan Eng opens his mouth to respond to Mahathir’s ‘rich Chinese’ statements. There are also a lot of poor Chinese.

When I go to the government hospital in my hometown, I can see there are just as many poor Chinese as there are poor Malays. They have to queue for a long time to see the government doctors. If they are rich, they would have gone to the numerous private clinics in town.

During the movement control order (MCO), the gym in my hometown, owned by a Chinese family, had to close. The entire family lost their income. I don’t really know how they survived.

I renewed my membership even though I don’t go to the gym anymore because I felt sorry for them and because they had been nice to me. They work very hard, from 7am to 11pm, every day, seven days a week.

On the other hand, Mahathir and his children are very rich. There are rich and poor Chinese.

There are hardworking and lazy Malays. But there are also greedy and opportunistic politicians.

Two Come Out: The media should run daily profiles on all the rich Malays, Chinese, and Indians daily. Every day, profile one super-rich person and how they came about their wealth.

L Charlie: @Two Come Out, go to all the golf clubs or corporate clubs for the rich and read their club magazines, including those fancy fashion magazines.

There are numerous articles showing off the success stories and the unfettered lifestyles of the Malay super-rich. Those magazines are generally not available to the average Malay.

RKR: How many non-Malays will say RM2 million is pocket money for them? How many non-Malays have hundreds of Birkin and Coach handbags stashed in the cabinets of their homes?

Malay leaders conveniently use the rich non-Malays to make blanket statements and pull the wool over the eyes of the Malays for personal interests.

The non-Malays are always their punching bag whenever they want to look good. We can only pity the Malay masses.

Justice: Race is still the state of mind, political ideology, and the basis of Mahathir’s struggle up till the age of 95.

He has seen 22 years as PM under Umno/BN and another 22 months as PM under Harapan but he still has not and cannot change his mindset.

He even so arrogantly shows it by saying PKR president Anwar Ibrahim cannot be the PM because Anwar leads a multiracial party, not a Malay party.

So if DAP is indeed for multiculturalism, why are they so stubbornly obsessive in supporting Mahathir and not multiracial Anwar as PM then?

OrangeMouse1834: In the current world economic situation and with the future in mind, no single race, nor can Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Malay government, rebuild this nation.

Anwar is smart and that is why he calls for ‘structural reforms’. No more under-table deals. Anwar is the only potential PM who has a clear vision.

Mahathir only knows the third national car project and to keep his cronies rich to fund his campaign. No more. We are all for Anwar.

So Mahathir, stop creating controversies to get back in control of the people’s government. We never asked for you.

Since DAP and Amanah have chosen your side, PKR should go it alone and decide who to align with.