Selangor Umno chief Noh Omar has questioned an alleged exclusion of state Perikatan Nasional (PN) representatives from attending a Selangor Federal Development Action Council meeting recently chaired by Senior Minister Azmin Ali.

Taking to Facebook, Noh¬† said this was a departure from the body’s role as a platform for elected representatives from federal ruling parties – in this case, PN members – to take part in developments of states held by the federal opposition.

“It is extraordinary and strange when Selangor PN state assemblypersons and MPs were not invited to attend the meeting, and instead, the menteri besar from Harapan received an invitation,” said Noh who referred to Azmin’s series of Twitter postings of the meeting held on Monday.

“This (the action council) is an important platform to strengthen the existing good relationship fostered between the federal government and state government in Selangor from a development aspect,” said Azmin.

Given the council’s role as a platform for the federal government in opposition-held states, Noh said he was puzzled by the situation, questioning whether Amirudin had switched sides to PN or Azmin (below) still viewed himself as the Harapan Selangor MB.

“I would like to ask: Has the Selangor MB joined PN? Or does Azmin still see himself as the Selangor MB from Harapan?

“No matter what, in future, please involve PN representatives from Umno and PAS,” stressed the Tanjung Karang MP.

“For sure Muafakat Nasional can contribute to strengthening PN in Selangor.

“Because if Selangor belongs to PN, it certainly it would be better for the people of Selangor,” he added.

PKR, with 17 seats, remains the largest Harapan component in Selangor following its recent sacking of Lembah Jaya assemblyperson Haniza Talha from the party.

The figure is down from 21 seats it won in the 14th general elections.

Selangor has a composition of 56 state seats, namely PKR (17), DAP (16) Amanah (eight), BN (five), Bersatu (five), independent (four) and PAS (one).

Kedah MB unaware of Bersatu man’s lobbying attempts

Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said he was unaware he is being lobbied by Bersatu Youth executive council member Muzzammil Ismail for state GLC positions.

Sanusi¬† said this in a curt text reply to Malaysiakini‘s queries on Muzzammil’s admissions that he had written to the Menteri Besar’s Office to offer himself as a board member for any state agency or GLC.

Yesterday, a copy of Muzzammil’s letter – which used the Bersatu letterhead – had made its way online.

The letter showed it was stamped by the menteri besar’s political secretary, Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden, with a signature and written note that states: “Based on the discussion with YAB MB, YAB MB is ready to consider this application.”

When contacted yesterday, Muzzammil said that the letter, dated June 1, was genuine and added that he did not breach any law.

Instead, he believed that the person who circulated the letter was intent on tarnishing his image and that the act may be linked to the forthcoming Bersatu party leadership elections.

Muzzammil will be facing Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal in the election for Bersatu Youth leader, which is expected to take place sometime this year.

Muzzammil, 30, is currently pursuing a doctorate in Geography at Durham University.