There are two stories here. Both are tail wag the dog type stories. These are just stories ok. 
1. There s a Super crook still lurking around – who has some cronies from the past. Super crook stole so much taxpayers money. He was in government and abused his position grandly.  Now shut out but still lurking just outside the fence.
One of his cronies got into a new business about which he knew nothing. They produce  a product he knew nothing about. So not going anywhere. The business is failing.
The crony wants to sell his product to Lalat Fly. Plenty of it.  That would save the failing business. Super crook is good friends with Lalat Fly. So Super crook has taken a share in the crony’s business – in exchange for selling the product to Lalat Fly.
While in government Super Crook used to watch over Lalat Kite – another fly. He would like to sell the product to Lalat Kite as well but since he has been kicked out that is not possible.  But  Lalat Kite is also in serious trouble. So he is in a scheme to help Lalat Fly take over Lalat Kite.  Can sell more products. Plus many other things. 
While the people are all sleeping, this is what the Super crooks are doing. They are still lurking around. This is a story.
2.  Here is wag the dog story number 2.   This one is more direct.  Here the cronies are just facilitators. The super crooks are already on the inside.  The crooks are running the scheme. They thought up a scheme which on the whole will benefit people. I cannot disagree with their planning. But the insiders want to make money. That makes it wrong. A crime actually.
But it gets worse from there. The cronies can get things done but they need money to start the projects. Big money. So the super crooks are exerting their influence from the inside and help the cronies offload some of their “public” assets.  Taxpayers money will be used to buy those assets. 
The money the cronies will get (billions) from offloading these assets will then be channelled to kick start the new project where the super crooks will get a cut (kickbacks or reouted ‘profits’).  A simple mechanism. Taxpayers money is involved – taxpayers will get screwed. 
Here is the problematic part. It will not look good if they are able to offload only their assets. There are other similar problematic assets in the country.  These assets are not popular with the people. They are ripping off the peoples’ money. So it would look better if all such assets were similarly offloaded or “restructured” – to make it appear to lessen the burden on the people. But they have only made it worse. Their restructuring will cost the people even more in the longer run. 
All this is being done just because they need to camouflage their cronies’ offloading their assets first – of which the proceeds will go to pay off the super crooks on the inside.  A classic example of the tail wagging the dog.
My advice to them – people are watching you closely.  They know what you did last summer. How do you think I got this “story”? You can never cover your tracks well enough.  This is going to be one term.  Once you are kicked out, the new team will come after you with very rusty testicle squeezers.  You will go to jail. 

Have you heard of a guy called Najib.