Here are two items I received (from my cousin) who is a medical practitioner and runs a private hospital.  Thank you. The following has actually been written by someone else.

1. Tesco for sale. Sushi King closing outlets in malls. Giant closing some outlets….. and yet the  rakyat can support PH that says the economy is doing solid.  What a mockery of Malaysian people’s intelligence. 

(OSTB : Well it is the people who are mocking
their own intelligence. The moment I realised Dr M had gone bananas I parted ways. But thats me.)

Time voters wake up to reality and accept the fact that the current government just doesn’t have the capability to address the economic woes. Its somersaults that are far too frequent are nothing more than masking the inadequacy of the ministers who clearly lack the fundamental and rudimentary knowledge of their respective portfolios. 

(OSTB : Inadequacy?? That is understating it yo. Its more like bodoh tahap bontot lembu.)

Even the Attorney General has lost his credibility and is now perceived as a political puppet. 

Not to forget  the education minister and his charges who have not moved an inch in reforming the education system other than changing the school shoe colour. 

The health ministry is a mockery of all time. It can’t even make any change to the health industry as it has no inkling on the dynamics of the medical canvas that had so many intricate undercurrents.  

And to top it all the Ass H-le in waiting with his apparent “divine patience” is nothing short of a man who can’t even be firm with his deputy in the part that he seeded. How is he ever to handle an entire cabinet in the future whereupon ministers will come from other political parties? 

If one is already going flacid within his own territory, it’s a wonder how the Ass H-le in waiting is going to handle the wolves from other territories.  

Malaysians must think critically in the next election before voting. No one is better than the other as all of them (except for DAP), have the same root which is UMNO. (Amanah is from Pas.) Where is Malaysia heading? 

2. Here is more news about Tesco wanting to shutt down all their 74 outlets in Malaysia.
My comments:
Tuan tuan I just read that the freaking government is going ahead with “selling” Plus to the rich and powerful. 
What is their value added to you? The long suffering toll payer? Tuan tuan dapat apa? Nothing. You will be paying and paying and paying until your teeth rot.
Highway sudah siap. Toll collection is at its maximum. The Banglas cut the grass. They just have to collect the tolls. No need to work hard. Dr M is creating another generation of lazy Malay corporates. The easy money millionaires. 
They just shift assets around among the orang kaya and we have to pay.
This is why Tesco is shutting down. There is no new wealth generation in the economy. No new productivity. Just repackage old projects, extend old concessions, shift assets around. Thats it.
Dr Mahathir has shut down.