‘Where is the dignity of the PKR politicians who are happy to tango with Mahathir?’

Clever Voter: The political infighting in PKR is not unusual. Political historians will remind us this is no different from what took place in MCA, Umno and even MIC.

There would always be an eventual winner, and whether this winner can then win the hearts and minds of the people is another challenge. Let the battle begin, and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim must show he is not what is portrayed of him.

For a start, he must not rely on the reformasi agenda. Times have changed, he needs to get on an inclusive agenda that cuts across race and religion. He needs to have the courage to drive social transformation, which means leaving out the elites and warlords who have held the country to ransom.

The country is also divided by regional and urban boundaries. Education is key and its accessibility to all remains elusive.

Party loyalty is one thing. At the end of the day, there will be drifters, opportunists and self-serving individuals.

Honma: Every time when it comes to Anwar’s turn to be the PM, there will be resistance from his enemies inside and outside of his party.

The first time when Anwar was removed, the false sodomy allegation was used by his detractors to prevent him from succeeding then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Now party deputy president Azmin Ali is being used by Anwar’s enemies from within and outside of PKR to try to destroy him for the second time and prevent him from taking over the reins from Mahathir.

Azmin, who was once a close comrade of Anwar, is now fighting against Anwar for his selfish interests. Once Anwar becomes the PM, Azmin’s political career will end, sooner rather than later.

Blackbeak: I might have misgivings about Anwar when he was with Umno/BN as the deputy prime minister. He has come a long way from Abim (Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia) as a student leader voicing out for the poor folk of Baling to the very top of the political ladder.

In all fairness, Anwar’s reformasi cry the last 20 years was the catalyst that toppled a corrupt regime he was once with. His charisma as a ceramah speaker is unmatched, but I can’t speak of his leadership, which seems lacking to even hold PKR together.

But I believe he is steadfast in going forward and can take the country to the next level. The man has a heart for the poor and marginalised, and the years in prison had indeed humbled him after a hard fall from power.

Let him prove that his last 20 years as a reformer have not been in vain by leading the nation to be more meritocratic, free from corrupt abuses and charting a course to prosperity.

Anonymous_1543386425: Former minister Zaid Ibrahim, is Anwar suitable to be PM if he cannot even control his own party?

Anwar brought the dispute into PKR as he sided with a certain faction in the party elections and after that, he tried to sideline elected representatives with his nomination of those who had lost. And this scenario may happen in cabinet appointments.

Yes, there was an agreement that the next PM should be Anwar, but circumstances pre-GE14 and now are different. Malaysia takes priority over personalities. Whoever takes over from Mahathir must command the support of a majority of the MPs.

And Justice For All: @86425, are you looking for a dictator to lead PKR and eventually the country? It is hard to phantom what you want Anwar to do so as to control PKR.

Don’t allow dissent? No room for discourse? It reminds me of the Umno of old.

Kim Quek: Zaid is dead right. Those who abet Azmin to sabotage Anwar, and by extension PKR, are trying to dismantle reformasi, the very raison d’etre of their struggles.

Such a treasonous act will also reduce them from heroes to zeros as mere stooges of Mahathir to satiate his obsession to stop Anwar from becoming PM.

If Mahathir gets his way as a result of the Azmin subversion, the country will regress instead of achieving the great leap forward as envisaged in the New Malaysia under Anwar’s leadership.

The country may then drift downwards, for God knows how long, before getting another chance at true reforms to give it a new lease of life.

Will the abettors of Azmin be prepared to face the curse of history then? While there is still time to put a brake to impending tragedy, think hard before you make the final jump.

Straight Talk: Political leaders who are ready to undermine their own party leader out of greed for power and position may also undermine the country, should they manage to come to power if other nations offer opportunities for them to gain personal wealth and power through corrupt practices.

Anonymous_221043: Zaid, it is not an exaggeration to say most citizens of Malaysia worth their salt feel gloomy and hopeless regarding our country’s future.

Truly, Sir, the views of people like you give us a modicum of hope. I pray to the Almighty God, the one and only God whom the Muslims refer to as Allah, the Christians refer to as Heavenly Father, the Hindus refer to as Brahman, and others coming from different geographical locations and cultures by different names, I pray to that All-Merciful One: let your breed multiply and prosper so that our nation led by misguided and treacherous leaders, and rapidly going astray, may be saved for the sake of its poor, innocent and helpless masses.

Bluemountains: What has happened to the voices of the Pakatan Harapan leaders? They have jointly promised Malaysians before GE14 that Mahathir would only be the interim prime minister.

Have Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng become so beholden to Mahathir that they no longer have the guts to tell him to step down and give way to Anwar?

Proarte: Where is the dignity of the PKR politicians who are happy to tango with Mahathir and Umno/PAS to bring down Harapan?

The rakyat have to clamour from the rooftops for Mahathir to do the decent thing and leave office and hand over power to Anwar.

If Mahathir had any vestige of dignity, he would do just that, post-haste.

– M’kini