KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Nov -- Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali menjawab soalan media pada Sidang Mesyuarat Ketiga Penggal Kedua Sidang Parlimen Ke-14 di Bangunan Parlimen hari ini. Semalam, beberapa ahli parlimen berkumpul di kediaman rasmi Mohamed Azmin di Presint 10 di sini. Bagaimanapun, tidak diketahui tujuan pertemuan itu diadakan, ataupun bilangan sebenar ahli Parlimen yang menghadirinya. --fotoBERNAMA (2019) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

PKR Youth vice-chief Nazree Yunus has confirmed that a separate meeting would be held between PKR members and leaders at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur over the coming weekend.

The meeting, linked to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, would run concurrently with the party’s annual delegates congress in Malacca.

“I have been informed that there is a meeting or programme involving party leaders (and members).

“I can confirm that the meeting will take place over two days – Saturday and Sunday,” Nazree told Malaysiakini.

Declining to name who is organising the meeting, the PKR Youth leader said he expected Azmin and vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin to attend together with the party’s lawmakers and leaders of its respective wings.

Nazree said the highlight of the event would be speeches by party leaders who would be “taking a few main positions”.

“I expect this (meeting in Kuala Lumpur) to be a manifestation of the yearning of senior party leaders and members to voice out on issues.

“This is a democratic country. It is up (to the members) to join any programme,” he added.

Nazree claimed that only about 2,000 delegates of the party’s 600,000 members would be attending the congress in Malacca.

“I do not discount the possibility that some delegates who registered (for the congress) might want to participate in other (party) programmes.

“They can do so on their own volition,” he said.

On whether this meeting could be considered a “parallel congress” or “PKR congress 2.0”, Nazree said it was up to the media to attach labels to the meeting.

The official PKR congress would kick off tomorrow night at the Malacca International Trade Centre with the officiation ceremony of the women’s wing delegates meeting.

Azmin is scheduled to officiate this meeting.

On Friday, the PKR Youth delegates meeting would commence in the morning and officiate by party adviser Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in the afternoon.

A large number of elected national PKR Youth office bearers, including Nazree, had cried foul after the wing’s leadership broke the tradition of having the deputy president officiate their annual delegates’ meet.

However, PKR Youth office bearers aligned to its elected leader Akmal Nasir have claimed that they invited Wan Azizah because Azmin sat on the invitation for six weeks. – MKINI

PKR Youth veep confirms separate meeting at KL hotel

PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali has received orders from the party leadership to attend a meeting later in the day, party sources said.

They said the orders came from the top.

The political bureau will convene for the meeting at 5.30pm at the Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s office in Parliament.

Azmin’s continued absence from party meetings is believed to be due to a rift between him and the party president Anwar Ibrahim.

Others sources said Anwar would also take the opportunity afforded by Azmin’s presence to privately thrash out their differences which were tearing the party apart.

A source said the outcome of the private meeting could determine if the so-called “alternative” PKR congress planned by Azmin’s faction to rival the national congress in Malacca would go ahead.

Sarawak PKR deputy chairman Baharuddin Mokshen, however, told The Malaysian Insight that the “Kembali ke landasan reformasi” (Return to the roots of reform) congress will go ahead as scheduled.

He said the alternative congress, to be held on the same dates as the official event on December 7-8, would take place at Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Sarawak PKR is generally behind Azmin. At last count, 19 of the 30 state’s division chiefs, 32 of the 46 of the state leadership council members, and seven of the nine elected representatives have shown themselves loyal to him.

Another source in Sarawak had earlier told The Malaysian Insight the majority of the state’s party leaders and delegates invited to attend the national congress are instead heading to the one in Kuala Lumpur instead as reconciliation was “near impossible”.

He said state leaders were still sore about the national leadership’s failure to respect the autonomy of Sarawak PKR.

He was referring to the November 23 state congress in Miri which the state leadership council had cancelled in protest over the youth wing’s breaking of tradition in not inviting Azmin to open this weekend’s youth congress in Malacca.

Pro-Azmin Sarawak leaders are said to blame Anwar for the snub, which they chalk up to an attempt  to undermine Azmin’s influence in the party.

“It’s bad. The situation is very bad. There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel,” the source said.

One of the contentious issues splitting Anwar and Azmin is reported to be the composition of the party’s central leadership council (MPP).

Azmin and some of his key supporters like vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin and Sarawak chief Baru Bian, according to the source, refused to attend the MPP meetings, as they did not want to give the council legitimacy.

Thirty of the 44 MPP members are elected by poll and with the remaining 14 appointed by the party president.

After last year’s bitterly contested party polls, Azmin is believed to have 18 supporters on the council.

Anwar was accused of appointing 12 of his supporters to the council.

The source said Anwar had succeeded in tilting the balance of power in the council in his favour as he now had 24 members aligned to him compared with only 20 who are pro Azmin.

The source said this had led Azmin to claim that party decisions were now made by the non-elected members of the MPP.