I was utterly shocked when my wife showed me a video of your supporters yelling in unison, “hidup Paul Young” outside the court house.

Is this the way your supporters  articulate the new Malaysia?  It sound  more like Barisan Nasional than PH.

When past leaders like  Patto, Lau Dak Kee, and many others demonstrate, it is not about ourselves, it is about the people.  We never once came out to demonstrate for ourselves.

Let us not forget the toll-free route from Jelapang to Simpang Pulai  was the result of our huge successful demonstration led by Patto and other state leaders held along the Kuala Kangsar road near the NS Highway a few decades ago.

We had demonstrated along with the people of  Bukit Merah, Papan, Bercham, Falim, Ampang Lama and many more and not once it was about ourselves- it was for the people.

Paul Yong, the nature of your charge is not political and it should stay as such.

The legal system in Malaysia that we have, is inherited from the British,  it  offers  you this maxim –  you are innocent until proven guilty.

This maxim is by the way, binding on you and to us all.

People tend to forget that our legal system is not based on the French Napoleonic legal system whereby a person is presumed guilty until proven innocent, it is the opposite here.

As for this reason, you are innocent.

At this very moment in time, it is only allegations.

So, charging you does not equate to guilt.   It must go through a long process of the law before coming to the decision of guilt or innocence.  This decision can come only from the judge and not from any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Our legal system also provides protection to the complainant/victim, for he/she must offer strong evidence to prove beyond doubt in the court before guilt or innocence is established.

Paul Yong,  there are written laws for the citizens of Malaysia and there are also rules for politicians and political parties.

These are often referred as conventions.

Conventions are unwritten or unseen rules that are woven seamlessly into the Westminster political system and we are part of it.

Like it or not, these conventions are binding and they put a cap on the behaviour or action of politicians.  If not, the free for all culture would prevail in our political system.

The two conventions  are  –  a) Caucus Loyalty and  b) Caucus Responsibility.

Caucus Loyalty

Any Minister or Exco member who disagree with the main policies of the cabinet, he or she must resign from the post that they are heading to prevent split in the party and disorder in the parliament.  The caucus must be preserved.

Caucus Responsibility

When a Minister or an Exco member is charged with a crime or is involved in any immoral issue, the said Minister or Exco member must resign or at the very least go on leave immediately.   Party or the government resources must not be used or seen to be used in such cases.

By resigning does not equate to quilt but this is to avoid any distraction  it  might bring to the Executive council while you are defending  yourself in court. You must defend yourself like any citizen in this country.

The Executive council seat should  be vacated to let another PH assemblyman to take over full time.

Cabinet and Exco positions do not belong to any party or person but to the people.

These positions are held only in TRUST of the people and it is not permanent.

Let us not break this TRUST.

– Choo Sing Chye