‘If M’sians wanted the same old crony capitalism and race-baiting, they would have stuck with BN.’

Quigonbond: This meeting between PKR deputy leader Azmin Ali and a number of Umno parliamentarians should set off alarm bells among the reformists in Pakatan Harapan. You don’t do this kind of thing unless you have the backing of the prime minister.

The people of Tanjung Piai has spoken loud and clear, even the Malays. They were willing to let race and religion take a back seat and see what Harapan can do with its new deal for Malaysia.

They expected Harapan to live by its vision for a better Malaysia, maybe dragging some people kicking and screaming along with them for the ride. Instead, what they get is a faux democrat not as bad as BN but bad enough.

If they wanted the same old crony capitalism and race-baiting, they would have stuck with BN.

Mahathir’s old ways can no longer work. People who rise to the top and are still beholden to him, like Azmin, won’t work either.

And Azmin, his inner circle, and his support at the top, colluding with BN MPs have decisively become a traitor to Harapan, and Malaysians.

The line in the sand has to be drawn now. People of Tanjung Piai have done Malaysia a great favour.

Whatever political mayhem that is supposed to ensue, at any rate, by May next year, has been accelerated. I say better this than slow wasting away for the country.

Fairman: Azmin, the last time we checked, you were still PKR deputy president. And your loyalty must be to PKR.

You refused to attend party meetings. You openly defy the Harapan agreement on who should succeed Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

It is clear from your conduct who you really are. Good luck to you. Man proposes but God has other plans.

Athena: I think Anwar’s lack of executive action within his own party has allowed the Azmin cartel to be emboldened and to scheme and plot. Now he has less of a choice, if not overtly, at least covertly.

The first move he can easily make is to sack party deputy president Azmin, vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin, etc. Then PKR, with the Harapan presidential council, can push Mahathir to replace these two ministers with others from PKR.

That deft move is within his right as a PKR president. That will put a spanner in the works for those who are plotting. At the same time, it would put Mahathir on the spot.

BTN: Azmin, unfortunately, has become a traitor to reformasi movement that propel him and PKR into Malaysia mainstream politics.

Politics is dirty. Look at PAS who has no qualms to use religion to ferment their political survival.

By having that meeting and openly go against Anwar is just not right. Harapan need to stick with its reformasi agenda and reject racial and religious politics which is damaging to the future of any country, even if they are to lose.

It’s better to stand by the principle than deceit and lies. At the end of the day, it’s the people who will choose how this country will look like in the future.

Clever Voter: Power corrupts. But it brings instant wealth and fame, and it is already an illegal billion-dollar business.

Azmin is only an ordinary individual but he is doing what his predecessors had done – build camps to gain political strength so that he too can be a possible leader in his own right.

All of these are done with Mahathir knowledge, who is the master behind this. It reinforces the belief that he needs to ring fence his position to ensure continuity.

All else doesn’t matter so that a person like Azmin can build his feeding chain. Breaking such a chain is not easy as it is supported by warlords behind the scene.

Anonymous_1547638541238.97951547637684420: The days where you can get your supporters and take over a party or position is over.

The rakyat are matured and expect performance. It’s time for PKR leaders Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah to come out from the shadows and put out any flames of conspiracy to thwart the passing over of the reins.

Tanjung Piai was a strong message and everyone better take heed.

Anonymous #33227154: Mahathir and Bersatu have lost the support of the non-Malays and the support from the Malays are decreasing.

Azmin is a tainted politician with scandals who has betrayed the people, his own party and leader. Such a character cannot be trusted. He should just resign.

Umno, Bersatu and Azmin form the tri-axis of evil for Malaysia and it’s a desperate attempt. The people clearly know who to support and who to reject. Yes, bring Rafizi and Nurul Izzah back.

HanafiahPuteh: It’s not just Harapan but Malaysian politicians in general lack dignity and integrity. It starts with the prime minister who seems to think that he is invincible.

He engages with people with tainted background to do his bidding. He also uses a certain Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) character (Daim Zainuddin) to work to pay off certain people who are a thorn in the flesh.

It is so predictable that Malaysians know what to expect from these politicians. It’s so disgusting.

Blackbeak: Just do the maths, with 22 MPs from Umno and five MPs from PKR crossing over to Bersatu, it would be the largest party in Harapan. Combined with its current 22 MPs, the tally will be 49.

PKR losing five seats will remain at 43 seats with DAP at 42 seats and lastly Amanah, 12 seats. Thus, Bersatu will have more seats than the rest put together.

The ruling government will effectively rule until GE15 with probably the next PM decided by Mahathir himself.

Anonymous_1566891822322.03441566891350406: Indeed, when you are hungry for power, you don’t care about the people who brought you up and the people who voted you in. It’s sad but true.

– M’kini