These are some points on Tg Piai posted by Dr Chandra Muzaffar.
For brevity I have truncated some of them.
My comments in blue.
Chandra Muzaffar       
No single by-election can indicate outcome of general election. 
will not tell us who winner in next overall contest. 
by-elections between 13th GE in 2013 and 14th GE testify to this.
OSTB : The BN lost the GE in 2018, after 62 years in power. Immediately after 2013 the BN kept winning some by elections but they lost most of the by elections as more time passed. Closer to 2018 they lost their popularity. The trend was obvious.
The PH has lost the last THREE by elections. It looks like they will lose Tg Piai as well. The trend is becoming obvious again.
Tg Piai will measure prevailing attitudes that may shape the future of our nation
Opposition MP heads Public Accounts Committee in Parliament
lowering the voting age to eighteen 
OSTB : The PAC has never had any positive impact on the daily lives of 32 million Malaysians. The average Malaysian citizen and consumer has been strangled by monopolies, oligopolies, crony business models (still in place – look at the pirates trying to grab PLUS) and an absence of the free market. Government services are actually failing. Education has already failed and is now getting worse. Health services are deteriorating. Everything is deteriorating. Yet the people pay a huge amount in taxes. Where does the money go?
Lowering the voting age to 18 does not help anything or change anything. 
Perhaps the voting system should be changed further. 
“Only those who pay income taxes should be given the vote.” How does that sound?
(Just kidding ok.) 
In the overall development of human society,  democracy and the vote are a huge luxury. Perhaps the highest pinnacle of organised society. But it comes with great responsibility. The voters have an obligation to be not stupid. Foolishness and democracy are a very bad and dangerous mix. 
Effective political communication does not seem to be PH’s forte. 
It is a major weakness that has hampered and hindered PH’s effectiveness 
OSTB : Actually there is a reason for this. The PH has now become crooks. 
When you are a crook it is best that you communicate less.
How well can you communicate your failure to deliver on your own promises?
You cannot. So it is better to keep silent.
How well can you communicate that Khazanah Nasional companies are being snapped up by greedy cronies? Or crony?
How well can you communicate that PLUS will be sold to another crony company? 
By the way as I said earlier at least THREE of the companies “bidding” for PLUS report to the same boss. This is what I heard. Same old same old.
So when the PH is into this type of piracy and the money agenda they really do not want to communicate too much. They know why they should not communicate.
will Tg Piai expose how morally bankrupt we are as a people? 
Or will Tanjung Piai emerge as the TP, Turning Point

Dr Chandra Muzaffar has been a commentator on Malaysian politics since the early seventies.       

Kuala Lumpur.
6 November 2019.  


OSTB : The BN will most likely win in Tg Piai. It will be evidence enough that Malaysians have few choices. Both sides are now corrupt. It simply means that we urgently need yet another alternative.
Since coming to power PPBM, UMNO and PAS (Kongres Maruah) have been harping upon the alleged decline of Malay power, the marginalisation of the Malay position, and the need to protect Malay interests. A lot of these reckless allegations are utterly baseless and are geared towards the manipulation of Malay communal sentiments for obvious political mileage.  So there is no difference between PPBM, UMNO, Pas. 
Now here is my message for Mr Lim Kit Siang. Ronnie Liu’s recent venting of his frustrations reflect the general view in the DAP. Ronnie is not a stand alone act.
Dr Mahathir and the PPBM are now toxic. Radioactive. The more you hang out with them the almost certain chance that you will also catch a cancer.   
It is most likely that the PH will lose Tg Piai. 
The Chinese have already turned away from the DAP. 
The cost or the price of the DAP hanging out with the PH is your loss of Chinese support.
Plus there is something even more costly – something that could be fatal to the long term prospects of the DAP.  You have shown to everyone, including the Chinese people, that when it comes to power, money and all the trappings that come with it, even the DAP are no angels. 
The DAP is no different from an MCA, a Gerakan or even an UMNO or PKR. 
(That RM300,000 unpaid travel expenses by the Semburit fellow will taint the DAP as well. Why? Because you just kept quiet. Not a peep from the DAP. Mr Lim Kit Siang, what has happened to you? Where is the old DAP? What happened to all the fire and brimstone?) 
And lastly you have given life to the MCA. 
You are now the MCA’s secret ‘comeback’ weapon. 
Because the DAP has “sold out”, the MCA can come back.
(I think you will lose Tg Piai.)
If you stick with the PH (including PKR) your future is as good as dead. 
The Chinese people will turn their backs on you.  
Believe me on this. 
And I am not the only one saying this. Ask Ronnie Liu.
There is no need to be acrimonius. Or to pick a fight.
Let everyone be friends with everyone. It is just politics. 
So shake hands. Be amicable. And part ways.
Do not worry. Have faith. Stick to your principles.
I think the time has come in our history where Malaysians cannot and will not vote by party anymore.   Let us vote for any good candidate from any party, and let us vote for parties that deliver the maximum good.
If there are no good candidates on either side, then play safe – just close your eyes and vote for the Opposition.    Just to keep the ruling party off balance and on their toes.
And it looks like we have no choice but to change the government at every election.
Lets just keep changing the government.  Until whoever becomes the government learns to really care for all the people and deliver the maximum good for all the people. 
The belief that one party is always good or always not good does not hold anymore. Except for pas pis pus.  Those buggers are syaitan.