So, BN actually chose Wee Jeck Seng as its candidate for the Tanjung Piai by-election.

Honestly, I’m so glad with that decision.

Congratulations to the BN leadership for such a wise and far-sighted move.

Special salute to Johor BN chairman and Umno chief Hasni whom I believed as being the one who made that final decision and his boss Zahid, who allowed him to make the dicision.

I had explained my preference for Wee in this post on Sept 29,

In case you all are too lazy to click on that link and read it, here are its excerpts,

1. …if the coalition fields an MCA candidate, then it would prove that the recently sealed Perpaduan Ummah pact with Pas was not meant to alienate the non-Malays….

2. It will send a strong message to the Chinese community, especially in Johor that DAP’s accusations of BN over the years, especially about Umno being a racist party were not true.

3. Wee had done well there by previously winning against DAP Malay candidates in 2008 and 2013. The guy was well liked as he served his constituents diligently, irrespective of their race or religion.

4. …despite other MCA candidates being massacred elsewhere, he was beaten by the late Dr Md Farik Md Rafik of Pribumi Bersatu by a razor thin margin of 524 votes.

5. ….Wee managed to get about 30 per cent of the votes from among the Chinese voters in the constituency, which was exceptional….

6, In Pekan Nanas, where the local Chinese community is concentrated, the MCA candidate managed to reduce the DAP’s majority from 2,669 votes in 2013 to 1,308 while in Kukup where the Malays have the outright majority, the Umno candidate’s majority of 6,946 votes in 2013 was reduced to merely 862.

7. …most of the parliamentary constituencies in Johor are of the marginal type and BN will need all the Chinese votes that it could get in future elections in the state.

I believe that BN people in the Malay-majority Tanjung Piai will fully support Wee’s candidacy.

This is what Tanjung Piai Umno division chief Jefri said about it,

That’s the quality that we want from Umno leaders – selflessness.

I’m quite confident now with BN’s chance to win in Tanjung Piai and I also believe that it will mark the start of its full recovery.

This time, everyone will see Pakatan as being the one banking on racial factor to win while BN represents the true multi-racial cooperation which has made Malaysia what it is today.