Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

For those of you who were born yesterday and had, in the first hour of your life, read what I wrote about Tun Mahathir yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking that steadyaku47 thinks that Tun Dr. Mahathir and his family are a bunch of thieves who have robbed this nation out of a great deal of money. Note…the operative word there is “born yesterday”.

If you were born yesterday you would not have known about the Mahathir of old. The Mahathir who wrote the Malay Dilemma. The Mahathir who cunningly and some say, with malice aforethought…the Mahathir who, over two decades of being prime minister, took for himself all the political power he could take without regard for the toxic consequences that befell our people, our nation and our future as a result of what he did. If you were born yesterday you would have to be told that in the decades that Mahathir was King of all that he surveyed, the judiciary was compromised, money politics became a way of life for politicians and government servants, and everything that he did in the name of government had one matalamat : the ends justify the means….if Mahathir wanted something done, any wrongs committed to attain that outcome, is justified.

Because of what Mahathir had done in the name of government, Abang Lah and Najib too continued to do the same also in the name of government…and what these three prime ministers did in the name of government has made our country what it is today! A country where corruption by the rich and powerful is a way of life. A country where the rule of law, the Judiciary and every facet of government serves the politicians and not the rakyat. A country where race, religion, and politics now rules our miserable lives and is choking us out of the very air that we need to live. In short, if you were born yesterday, you would not have known that Mahathir did all this and more.

And of course you would not have known of the Mahathir who, at the age of 92, led us all to political victory against the same Umno, the same Najib and the same political animal that he himself had given birth to, reared and fed it to maturity and then, without any sense of guilt or remorse, turned upon the same animal and have it killed.

Now fast-tracked to these last few weeks when I have been hantaming Mahathir for making many Malaysian into thieves in the time that he was prime minister. To yesterday when I, for the sake of those of you who still think that this Mahathir is our knight in shining armor….to yesterday when I put visuals of those four houses belonging to Mahathir and his three sons. Let me just say this. I did so because there are still many of you out there who think that we should look the other way when our political leaders take a little something for themselves, for their families and for their friends and associates, from the pocket of the rakyat. In short, if you think that those houses owned by Mahathir’s children is because their father have taught them to save from the time when they were young…then maybe, you should get your head examined! As to whether all the houses do belong to them as I have claimed…please lah…the visuals are meant to make you understand that they are all insanely rich at OUR expense. Kapish. Those visuals are meant to provoke your mind and make you think…think about how his children have become insanely rich!

Faham tak? And maybe, if you can think and start to question how all these bloody politicians, their families and anyone else connected to them are insanely rich, then maybe, our country, our people and our children may be able to once again have hope that this generation of Malaysian will start the process of change. A change towards a time when anyone who seeks to serve and do their duty to king and country, will be responsible and held accountable by the people for the things that they do in the name of government. So help me God.