Dear Tan Sri AG, congratulations on the Tan Sri award.
Camno is short for ‘macam mana’.
Camni is short for ‘macam ini’.
Here is some news :


Hindu NGOs demanded AG review decision not to charge Vinoth Kalimuthu 
insulted Hinduism in ceramah last year

“very disappointed” and wanted AG to reconsider decision 

by analysing full video of Vinoth’s speech – made in mosque in Kelantan
Why did AGC / police not engage Hindus re sensitivity of insults? 
understanding of Muslim and Hindu on Hinduism totally different
AG should just let the courts to decide
Charge him and let the courts decide
Vinoth known follower of Zakir Naik
Naik wanted in India for money laundering, hate speech 
AG July 5 letter to NGOs stated decision not to charge Vinoth
which Arun said only came to light on Sept 5
questioned authorities’ decision not to use Section 504 of Penal Code 
covers intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace 
also accused AGC’s hesitation to charge anyone insulting other than Islam
claiming this had been the case for years with the authorities
For years, if insults against religions other than Islam, no efforts by police / AG to take cases seriously and to charge them.
see statistics, this year in nine months, nine cases (of insults against Islam) 
including one person jailed for nine years and nine months
“I am not condoning bad behaviour (of insulting Islam).” 
(insults) happens to non-Muslims too
Where is sincerity of AG / police in treating these cases fairly?” he asked.
plans to submit memo to YDP Agong to seek King’s audience 
this issue faced by non-Muslims in the country, in addition to suing the AGC
Its a simple question – backed up by some simple evidence. 
They say that (as an example) in the first nine months (of 2019??) there have been nine cases of insulting Islam prosecuted in the Courts. One person was even jailed for NINE YEARS and NINE MONTHS !!  (That long? How big was the insult? How did the Court or the judge measure the size of that insult – to deserve a jail term of NINE YEARS and NINE Months?)
My view is this.  ALL religion has no real evidence. There is no no scientific or tangible evidence for any religion. Religion is pure, blind faith. Religion requires absolutely no logic either. Either you believe or you do not believe.
That is why more civilised and advanced societies in the world have abolished such laws – laws about insulting religion, making fun of religion etc. These are countries where the society has reached a higher level of maturity. 
People in these advanced societies do not get angry if someone says my super hero is better than your super hero etc. Or even if they do, it is not deemed a “crime” – which must be punished by the authority of the State.  
Having said that if a country (like Malaysia)  does have a law that makes ‘insulting religion’ a crime, then please apply the law fairly and equally. This is the subject of the complaint above.
And this is a real case whereby the Police have done their job and the Police have RECOMMENDED to the AG that this case be prosecuted. 
You do not need to guess this part.  The Police investigate a crime. To see if a crime has been committed or not. If indeed there is a crime and if there is sufficient evidence to prove the crime in Court then the Police will finalise their investigation papers and then submit it to the Attorney General’s Chambers with a recommendation to prosecute.
To my knowledge the Police will never submit investigation papers to the AG with insufficient evidence to be presented in Court.
In other words, if there is no crime committed or if there is not enough evidence, then the Police will not submit to the AG any recommendation to prosecute. 
Meaning if the Police HAVE SUBMITTED their investigation papers to the AG, it must mean that a crime has been committed and there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the person. 
Only then does the ball fall at the feet of the AG.  The AG has the sole and unquestionable authority to decide whether to take the case to Court or no. (Hence it is the AG who is the most powerful person in the country – not even the Prime Minister or the Agong. Yes the PM can fire any AG in less than 24 hours – like what happened to Tan Sri Ghani Patail – but there is no way any PM can file criminal charges against anyone. That is the sole prerogative of the AG.  Ghani Patail made the mistake of NOT signing that arrest warrant against Najib. He left the unsigned warrant of arrest in his office over the weekend and it was leaked out, resulting in Ghani being fired when he turned up for work.)
So in this case of Vinod Kalimuthu, why did the AG decide NOT TO PROSECUTE this case in Court? This is the complaint of the HIndu NGOs.
The Hindu NGOs point out that in just nine months, the AG has prosecuted NINE cases of insulting Islam including one where the convicted person was jailed for NINE YEARS and NINE MONTHS.
Fine. Well done (in upholding the Law) 
But where are the prosecutions against those who insult other religions? 
That is what they are asking.
Surah 6:108 And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.
Malay – Dan janganlah kamu cerca benda-benda yang mereka sembah yang lain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak, akan mencerca Allah secara melampaui batas dengan ketiadaan pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu Ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa yang mereka telah lakukan.
Ok you are not supposed to insult each others “religions, gods, beliefs” etc. 
Thats what it means. 
But note carefully that the Quran does not say that it is a crime or that it should be punished if people do insult each others gods and religions. 
It is to avoid backlashes – then people will insult Allah instead. If they are provoked into insulting Allah then of course they will reject anything associated with Allah. 
Here are a few other relevant verses from the Quran  – which  I hope the DYMM Sultans – like for example DYMM Sultan Selangor and DYMM Sultan Perak will take note. 

These verses talk about misusing the MASJID – TO CREATE DIVISIONS AMONG THE PEOPLE : 
Surah 9:107  And those [hypocrites] who took for themselves a MASJID for causing harm and disbelief and division among the believers and as a station for whoever had warred against Allah and His Messenger before. And they will surely swear, “We intended only the best.” And Allah testifies that indeed they are liars.

(OSTB – They abuse the masjid to cause harm, disbelief and division. Dividing the people, causing hatreds in the community and other satanic things. Who is meant by “they”? Who are “they” ?  The mee goreng seller?  Your school headmaster? The District Officer (Pegawai Daerah)? OutSyed The Box? NO. NO. NO.  This refers to the people who control the masjids. These are the ostards. The lebais. These are the people who can use the masjids to create hatreds and divisions in the community.)  

Surah 9:108  Do not stand INSIDE it – ever. A MASJID founded on righteousness from the first day is more worthy for you to stand in. Within it are men who love to purify themselves; and Allah loves those who purify themselves.

(OSTB : Do not stand inside this type of place – ever. It is more worthy that you stand in a MASJID that is based on righteousness. It is better that you stand in a MASJID that does not divide the people and cause hatreds in the community. It also means that the satans should NOT be allowed to abuse the MASJIDS to divide the people.)

9:109  Then is one who laid the foundation of his building on righteousness from Allah and His grace better or one who laid the foundation of his building on the edge of a bank about to collapse, so it collapsed with him into the fire ? And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

9:110  Their building which they built will not cease to be a [cause of] skepticism in their hearts until their hearts are stopped. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.
(OSTB :  This is simple logic. If you set up your institutions based on dividing the people and creating hatreds among the people, then you will fall into the fire. You will self destruct. Such institutions will never cease to be a cause of dispute and confusion and chaos within them. They will never be at peace with themselves and with their neighbours.  There is nothing too “rocket science” about these observations in the Quran. These are simple laws of Nature, simple laws of outcomes from how human beings interact. You create hatred and division you will suffer hatreds and divisions. As simple as that. You destroy yourself. 

Now who said this? I said this? 
Bukanlah bodoh.
This is inside your own Quran.
It is the teaching of the Rasul.
Rasul yang cakap (qaulu) – dalam al Quran.
This is the real Islam. 
Try to understand.