Is the break up of the Pakatan Harapan imminent?  Many people think so. I received this, I dont know who is the original source :

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My observation old man now already made up his mind to leave Pakatan.  The Khat issue was a red herring just to make the non Malays the ‘boogieman’ to unite the Malays including PAS, UMNO & BERSATU. The protest about the  3 pages and not compulsory to learn only managed to show to the Malays the resentment against them by Chinese is high. The remarks from Dong Zong was the one he was waiting for to use to unite the Malays.

Uncle Lim sees the old man’s intended move and decided to support the Khat issue but only to be disagreed by his party’s members.

Obviously he is also aware that Anwar boys are impatient about removing him supported by some of the DAP members too.

In the meantime time the media  that is not supporting are instigating the public to go against him especially Malaysiakini.

My money is once the PAS and UMNO merger is done the next move is with Bersatu. He is ready and willing to let DAP and PKR be the opposition.

Old man earlier also had a meeting with all the opposition to gauge his support from them before making his decision. As for UMNO and PAS giving up on Najib and Zahid is a small sacrifice as people like Nazri, Ismail Sabri and Tok Mat are welcoming Old man to take the rein to lead them.

The crack has happened, just waiting for old man’s timing to separate !”]

My comments :  Well folks, the way things are right now, the Pakatan Harapan will break up. And Dr Mahathir is ready. 

It is obvious that Mr Lim Kit Siang has also been eating a lot of crow lately. He had to defend the khat issue, going against the grain in his own party. He has had to remain silent over the Zakir Naik issue – now gotten even worse with Zakir’s ‘Chinese balik Tongsan’ statements. He is even quiet over the 3rd car controversy – when all right thinking people have disagreed with the proposal – in its present unclear and doubtful form. 

Mr Lim’s henchmen have been more direct. Charles Santiago has picked a fight with Dr Mahathir, basically calling Dr Mahathir a ‘dictator’ for making unilateral decisions.

Here is an edited video clip (date unknown to me) that is doing the rounds. Dr Mahathir is basically saying that if push comes to shove DAP, PKR and Amanah can take a hike.

This is because Dr Mahathir has the support of UMNO, PAS, Gabungan Sarawak and Sabah to form a new government.  Half of PKR will likely go with him too.

But the prize has always been UMNO. There is no way that Dr Mahathir is just going to let UMNO, with its 3 million members, huge branch network and its billions of Ringgits in assets just get hijacked away by morons like Zahid, Ku Nan, Najib and the rest of the monkeys. Dr Mahathir spent his whole life in UMNO – nurturing the party, creating its huge membership base and of course UMNO’s asset base. To think that he will just forget about UMNO because of a few morons means that you do not really know Dr Mahathir. Or the other Tun.  UMNO is the target.

So if there is a new government then DAP and half of PKR will be left out in the cold.

But the DAP (Mr Lim) does not want to be left out.

The DAP has been yelling, kicking and screaming since 1965 (?)

At last now they are in Government. Federal government.

Plus they have ruled Penang now into the third term and doing a fantastic job.

They have tasted power and what power can achieve.

And also the perks that come with power – sadly.

But Dr Mahathir wants to return to the old ways – the only way he has known. Yet it was these same ‘old ways’ of the BN which provided the DAP so much of their raison de’tere (the very reason for their being in politics).  Of course the DAP had other reasons as well – including their ideas for fast track development (like Singapore).

Imagine if UMNO and BN had been straight and clean – the DAP would not exist.

They say that the planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. (How come we do not celebrate Happy Birthday Earth?)  Out of these 4.5 billion years, for the past nano-proportion of only 15 months Mr Lim of the DAP and Dr Mahathir – two of the greatest foes in our contemporary politics – have been able to sit down and work together in one government.  This must be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

If leopards cannot change their spots and tigers cannot trade in their striples,  can Mr Lim’s  unchangeable  spots  “tolerate”  Dr Mahathir’s untradeable stripes – if say Dr Mahathir can form a new government with UMNO, PAS, Sarawak plus Sabah?

My advice to Mr Lim and the DAP is to stick with Dr Mahathir.

For one reason only – to prove to all Malaysians that the DAP and the Malay parties can work together.  This is important.

To me just this cooperation alone is worth more to the country than all the dumb projects and all the dumb things that you may do or will most likely do.

(Including those strange loans that T_ny P_a has been arranging with foreign banks. Dont think we dont know.)

Of course if there is going to be a new government and if the DAP stays with Dr Mahathir there will be no effective Opposition.  Great temptations will arise.  Keeping the fingers clean is always a problem.

But that is a bridge that maybe worth crossing – if or when we get there.