sex video implicating Azmin not moral issue, but political problem, says Dr M
PM said it would be dealt with as political issue
the mastermind had bad intentions and is using dirty politics,” he said 
He said video was made and circulated for political purposes
with the main reason being to block political career of an individual
next course of action that is expected is the removal of targeted individual
I can do this because I have the power
Dr Mahathir also said that his religion forbade him from snooping to expose the fault of others and what was done was worse than snooping.  
(OSTB :  “his religion forbade him from snooping to expose the fault of others”   
Ha ha ha ha. You mean all these years all the jabatan agama morons including JAKIM – which is directly under the PM’s department –  snooping around catching people for khalwat etc is therefore not part of the religion?  I always thought Monday comes after Sunday.) 
My comments :  Dear Tun Dr Mahathir for a long time now information is at our finger tips – literally.  Just ask Google.
In 1998 you fired Anwar Ibrahim (hooray, syukur alhamdulillah and thank you) because you said ‘He is not fit to be Prime Minister’. Those were your words.
I must repeat  – hooray, syukur alhamdulillah and thank you.
You clearly said that the reason he was not fit to be Prime Minister was because of his sexual misconduct.  
You said these things very clearly at a Press Conference on 22nd September 1998. I recall watching that Press Conference on TV. 
In that Press Conference you even made a disgusting hand gesture to describe some of the hanky panky Anwar was involved in.  
You said so many things about his sexual misconduct that Anwar decided to sue you for that Press Conference of 22nd September 1998.
I asked Ustaz Google and there is this old newsclip from February 5th, 1999 about Anwar suing you for the things you said about his sexual misconduct :
  • Anwar sues Malaysia PM
  • Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Facing multi-million dollar action
  • summons served on Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad by his former deputy
  • slander claim $26m damages for comments made by the prime minister.
  • Dr M’s comments, made shortly after Anwar arrested on sodomy, corruption
  • summons delivered to Dr M’s legal rep by Gobind Singh Deo, lawyer for Anwar
  • He said: “We are suing Dr M in his personal capacity, not as the PM”Graphic descriptions
  • Anwar’s lawyers say the PM’s remarks caused “agony and pain” and “colossal damage” to the jailed politician’s reputation  (OSTB : Ha ha ha ha).
  • news conference on 22 Sept 1998 Dr M graphically described Anwar’s sodomy
So you fired Anwar because of his sexual misconduct.   
And at that time there was no video.   At that time there was only a letter by Ummi Hafilda Ali (Azmin’s sister – may Allah Bless her, thank you Ummi Hafilda) plus that book ’50 Dalil . . . ” written by Khalid Jafri (may Allah bless him, innalillaah). 
Even without any video Anwar was jailed for an act of sodomy that was committed SEVEN years before. No  physical evidence could be presented in Court except for verbal  testimony from SEVEN YEARS before.
But you did tell the world at that time that to further satisfy yourself you did  personally interview TEN of the women and men who were involved in the various sex-capades.  TEN of them. And you were convinced by what they told you.
(I say itu bukan snooping kah?)
Dear Dr Mahathir you did the right thing in 1998. History will remember you and thank you for what you did in 1998.
Which is also why last year in an interview with Zeynab Badawai (BBC Hardtalk) you defended your actions against Anwar and you insisted that you never apologised for what you did in 1998. 
Here is an excerpt from that BBC Hardtalk interview (Google is so cekap) :
  • Dr Mahathir today said he had never admitted mistake in accusing Anwar Ibrahim of moral misconduct when the latter was sacked as his deputy in 1998, disputing a recent claim by Anwar
  • the prime minister said in an interview with Britain’s BBC on the Hardtalk  
  • “ . I never made any formal apology to him,” he told Zeinab Badawi
That was the Anwar case.
  • In this present case however there is a video which the IGP has confirmed is authentic. 
  • The IGP’s confirmation means it is NOT a DEEP FAKE video. 
  • One of the fellows in that video has admitted that it is him in that video.
  • The Police have visited and checked out that BOTH the fellows were indeed present in that hotel at the relevant time. 
  • This is far superior “evidence” than Ummi Hafilda’s letter or the 50 Dalil book.   
My view is :  
Yes this is also ‘salah laku seks’ or ‘sexual misconduct’ – the same justification that you used against Anwar in 1998. 
And yes I agree this is none of anybody’s business.  
What people do behind locked doors is their business.
We should not go around snooping into peoples’ private affairs. 
(So please disband the khalwat morons in JAKIM, jabatan agama etc.)
However, these are not ordinary people.  
One fellow (not in the video) wants to be the 8th PM. 
It appears that you want the other fellow (who is in the video)  to be the 8th PM.
The Prime Minister of any country is not a ‘main-main’ thing.  
We really need people of good moral standing to be our leaders.
(Imagine all the sneaking around from their wives and families, all the lies they need to tell, all the blackmail they are exposed too – one commenter in my blog said there maybe other more clearer images !!)  
So is this what you have in mind for the future PM of the country? 
What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.
What is not good for the goose should also be not good for the gander. 
So why the double standards? 
We have millions of people to choose from.
There are 32 million people in the country. 
Minus these two, there are still 31,999,998 candidates left.
And both these characters do not seem to know much about anything.
Neither have they shown any great skill, acumen or leadership.
Tun Daim recalls you saying that Anwar is a ‘Malay studies graduate’.
He does not know anything about anything.
Azmin is equally blur. 
You can ask your Media Advisor for his views.
Dear Tun, whatever thought processes you are having about this, it does NOT seem right.
You must think of the people and only the people.
Forget about the interests of the party (PPBM, UMNO, PH etc).
Forget about the vested interests who surround you.
The people and only the people must come first.
If we get that part right, everything else will fall in place.

People first.