Several banners have appeared in the administrative capital with contrasting messages – some mocking Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali in relation to a sex scandal, and others claiming he, and not PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, should be the next prime minister.

According to a civil servant, who declined to be named, the banners were put up on bridges and by the roadside at Presint 14, Putrajaya.

“The banners were there during Friday prayers this afternoon. They were not there when I drove past the area yesterday,” the source told Malaysiakini.

The banners referring to the sex scandal read “Azmin Ali loves Haziq” – the “love” represented by two red hearts. Below this were two broken hearts in black with the name “Hilman.”

Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz is the former Santubong PKR Youth chief who claimed that he was the person in the video engaging in sexual acts with another man, whom he alleged was Azmin.

Whereas Hilman Idham is Azmin’s political secretary.

Work of outsiders?

Azmin, the PKR deputy president, had described the video as a nefarious plot to undermine his political career and is convinced that it is an inside job.

Since the video emerged, fingers have been pointed at Anwar and his aides in relation to speculation that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad prefers Azmin as his successor, as opposed to the PKR president.

However, Anwar has repeatedly denied involvement in the sex video.

The banners in support of Azmin read: “We support Azmin Ali as the 8th PM. Request Mahathir to reject Anwar.”

When contacted, Hilman believed that the banners prove that there is a “diabolical plot” to topple Azmin.

Responding to a question, he also said there is no need to lodge a police report.

“I believe the police themselves know this is part of a plot (against Azmin),” he told Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, Anwar’s private secretary R Suresh Kumar does not believe that anyone from PKR is behind it.

“This looks like the work of outsiders. Both banners attacking Anwar and Azmin are of the same cloth. The writing is also the same,” he told Malaysiakini.