Here is a front pager by Sarawak Report expressing shock and disbelief at the latest ‘jaw dropping’ antics of PAS and UMNO.

jaw-dropping behaviour, statements by PAS, UMNO
PAS shocking claim MPs should not declare assets
declaration of wealth raise security concerns, says PAS
PAS admitted secretly in cahoots with Najib, pretended otherwise
astonished world with outrageous self-justifications
claim by Hadi that Islam permits party leaders to lie
if it benefitted party’s political aspirations
Hadi lied about libel settlement with Sarawak Report
denied PAS agreed to pay legal costs

My comments :  I have said this before and I will say it again. 
The religious people are the greatest liars. 

Since I was a small child I have been noticing how much these satans lie and fool the people so easily.  They do not think twice about lying.

This is why all over the world, not only them but also their followers are in the garbage dumps. They are accumulated garbage and an accumulation of garbage. Someone really has to throw them out. 

Not just this toilet bowl scum that calls itself an ‘Islamic’ party but the entire body of the cancer known as the religious people, all over the world.

No money no religion.

No hate no religion.

No anger no religion.

No threats no religion.

No lies no religion.

How did the satan accumulate so many of them?

It is so tempting to hate the sinners.

But lets not lose focus – lets hate the sin first.

The fault however always lies with the society.

Why does the society give so much room for these liars to grow?

May I suggest an answer?

The society has to be exceptionally stupid.

It all began with the imaginary flying object story.

(My pet imaginary flying unicorn is better than your pet imaginary flying unicorn)

Illiterate and jahiliyah desert dwellers fell for such stories.

But how did it infect people who had green gardens, flowing water, honey and fruits? 

While waiting at the bus stop, they just stopped thinking.

Then the devil pulled up and they got on board. 

Now it is deteriorating from one hole to another deeper hole.

The shit they put out is getting deeper and deeper.

Malaysia and Malay society in particular seems to have dived wholeheartedly into this cesspool.

This is nothing new.  The religious parties and groups have long been selling hocus pocus to pull the wool over the peoples’ eyes. 

What is their motivation? 

Its money. Really its that simple. 

The most money grubbing and materialistic mongrels in the world are them as well.

Nothing like cold cash to get their berahi up.

And they have been at it for a very long time.1998 however was the great ‘can opener’ year when the whole can of worms was opened up. 

The brother was embroiled in his sexcapades.  

No big deal.  

He was not the first and he is certainly not the last sex maniac. 

His lies and the denials were Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

(Who will be stupid enough to tell a lie, ‘Yes its me in the video‘?

If anyone does that, they must be telling the truth??)

His claim that he was a defender of Islam was also SOP.

The insinuation that an attack against him was an attack against Islam was also SOP.

His accusing others of conspiracy against him was another SOP.

(Although he never explained how the conspirators could convince his penis into playing such an important ‘supporting’ role?) 

But what was quite perplexing was the number of people, largely Muslim / Malay, who fell for all his lies. It is so easy to fool the Muslims.

And going by what has happened in the country since then and is still happening it is perhaps even more easy to fool the Muslims and Malays.

The 1MDB case, the single largest case of corruption and theft in the history of the world can be reduced to a hashtag ‘# malu apa boss ku’.

There will be no Gaddafi style lynching, no Iran style hanging from the lamp post, no ISIS style decapitation on livecam or Sudan style thrown into the back of a lorry and taken to jail. 

Then the pas-pis-pus says it is halal to tell lies to help their party, it is ok to accept stolen money (just say it was not stolen and it was not put directly into party accounts), it is halal to support #malu apa boss ku and now they say their religion does not allow for asset declarations by their MPs. 

And what do the Malay Muslims do? 

Is there any demonstration after Friday prayers? None.

Is there any wild, running amok type riot at Dataran Merdeka? None.

Is there a single plastic banner protesting these lies ? Nope.

Conclusion :

The more incredibly audacious the crime, the more stupid the people (the victims) are willing to become, to not understand, to overlook the lies, crimes and the sexcapades that have been committed by their favorite actors.  Especially if the actors are their “religious champions”. 

What is the outcome? 

Hello Tuan-Tuan saudara Melayu, ever wonder why other people find it very difficult to “feel” any respect or regard towards you?

I choose my words carefully.  I say “feel any respect”. 
Because the others may still “show respect” tapi itu pun tipu sunat. 
Takut Melayu naik berang atau mengamuk if they do not show respect.
So they kow tow and just pretend to show respect.

But they do not feel any respect.  
How can you expect them to feel any respect?
Nak respect apa? 
Manusia tolol yang melolong #maluapabossku?
Manusia bodoh yang boleh sokong ‘tipu sunat itu halal’?
Manusia haprak yang kata ‘isytihar harta dilarang agama kepala bapak kami’?

Tuan-tuan the same thing applies in the speaking London countries. 
You think Trump really supports Saudi Arabia? 
How low is your IQ?

They have no respect for the Saudis. 
And they are right. 
The Saudis are the Great Iblis. 
The Great Morons. 
No one respects them. 

You think they respect Turkey or Iran or Pakistan? Or Malaysia?
These are the “childish societies”.  
The immature societies which behave like budak-budak.

“My pet imaginary flying unicorn is better than your pet imaginary flying unicorn. 
You better believe me. I am warning you. This is NOT a lie.”

Will there be a defining moment in Malay history soon? 

Will the Malays come to their senses and say, ‘What the hell are we doing believing all this crap? People are laughing at us. We have had enough of this crap. We just want to be normal human beings again.” 

Will that happen? 
Will there be a ‘Million Malays march to logic and common sense‘?

Lets keep our jari melintasi (fingers cr_ssed). 

You never know.

– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/