PETALING JAYA – A new video clip showing involving former minister’s aide Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz and a man resembling Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali has appeared on YouTube, while a nine-minute-plus full version has been uploaded to pornography site Pornhub.

As with earlier clips, the YouTube video, which may be removed for violating the video file-sharing site’s community standards, shows two naked men in bed facing a television set playing a news broadcast.

Haziq, who has confessed to being one of the men in earlier videos, is seen getting up from bed, while the second man – whom Haziq has alleged is Azmin – uses his handphone. A couple of flashes emanate from the device’s screen, akin to flashes when pictures are taken.

Haziq is then seen walking across the room after donning a bathrobe.

The video, titled “No way”, was uploaded late Tuesday (June 25) night.

Meanwhile, a nine-minute-plus video was also uploaded to Pornhub. This video, titled “Scandal Azmin Ali Full”, appears to be the full version of various clips that have gone viral over the last few weeks.

While Pornhub is blocked in Malaysia, there are ways to circumvent these controls, including using a virtual private network (VPN) or by changing the setting on your browser to use the Google DNS feature as default.

Haziq, the Santubong PKR Youth chief, has been slapped with a show-cause letter by his party. He has also been sacked as senior private secretary to the Deputy Primary Industries Minister.

He claimed the incident happened at a hotel on May 11 during the Sandakan by-election campaign.

Azmin has denied any involvement in the sex video and called it a nefarious plot to destroy his political career.

The police are investigating the matter.



A NEW video purportedly showing a minister in bed with Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz was uploaded tonight on several websites, including YouTube.

Links to the sites featuring the video, some of which are porn sites, were shared on a WhatsApp group targeting reporters and politicians.

The chat group bore only the comma symbol for a name. The group administrator had was a 011- number and was unnamed.

The links were posted under the the heading “[VIRAL] Video Scandal Azmin Ali Part 3”.

Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil, who is the PKR communications chief, was among those added to the group.

The video lasting about three minutes shows two men in bed in a hotel room. One leaves the bed while the other remains and is seen putting on his spectacles to check his mobile phone.

The first video implicating the minister was released on June 11.

The next day, Haziq claimed he was one of the men in it and Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali was the other.

Azmin, who is PKR deputy president, denied being in the video and called it a plot to destroy his career. His aide Hilman Idham subsequently  lodged a police report.

A second round of photos and another video of two men in bed were released on June 12. A third round was released on on June 18.

Police are investigating the videos. Haziq was detained overnight on June 14 and released on police bail the next day.