I have not been writing for almost a week now because I was trying to avoid the Azmin sex video scandal.

I was honestly disgusted by it.

Nonetheless, everyone seemed to be so engrossed with it.

I even got a foreigner friend asking whether the whole thing was for real.

Of course it’s real, okay.

Someone really made and distributed the video to destroy Azmin and as the man said, it was an inside job.

Inside PGayR, that is….hahaha.

But on whether it’s really Azmin in the video, that I wouldn’t know for sure.

That’s what I told my foreigner friend.

Personally, I hope it’s not Azmin because for me, the guy is the best hope for the country if Pakatan Harapan is to continue being the government in the event Dr Mahathir is ever to step down.

I’m totally against Anwar as PM as I think he’s going to wreck the country.

But if Azmin is having the same problem as Anwar, then I think the guy shouldn’t be allowed to replace Dr Mahathir too.

Well, that’s not so good for Pakatan Harapan, particularly because it doesn’t have that many good Malay leaders capable of being the prime minister.

Just look at these “realistic” options,

PBBM – Muhyiddin (health, age and capability issues), Mukhriz (questionable capability).
Amanah – Mohamed Sabu (IQ problem)
PKR – Dr Wan Azizah (questionable capability)
DAP – Kit Siang (Chinese and old), Guan Eng (Chinese and stupid)

There you have them.

Well, they can stick with Dr Mahathir but the guy is 94. You want him as PM till he’s 100, is it?

What ever it is, I’m sure the fight with Anwar will continue.

My money is on Dr Mahathir winning the fight as he did two decades ago.

But after that? What’s going to happen to the country’s leadership?

Never mind. Let’s think about that later. You all voted for this, so bear with it and don’t complain too much.

As of now, I’m more concerned about the effect of Azmin’s alleged homosexuality on the image of Malays, particularly Malay men.

Are Malay men prone to homosexuality?

It’s a valid question, okay.

Here we have a party president and his deputy facing allegations of involvement in buggery activities on top of other things. Both are Malay men.

Then their alleged victims/partners are also Malay men.

Really, what’s wrong with Malay men lah these days.

Not enough women, is it?

Then we have these sort of Malay men too,




Okay, the last one you have to use your imagination a bit.

But really, I think all these sex scandals, particularly of the homosexual variety is bad for the reputation of Malay men.

And this is not fair to them. I believe there is a need to correct whatever misconception caused by the scandals.

Well, I leave that for the Malay men to do it themselves. They need to prove their manliness themselves, one way or another, so that people don’t talk funny about them.

Of course there are many other things they need to prove but for now, this manliness issue is the most important.

Okay, if they want to get angry for having to do it, then get angry with the PGayR Malay male leaders who started the whole thing.

But being angry aside, they need to do something about it.

Whatever it is, they need to improve what others think of them.