PAS Youth delegate Amirul Jufri Mat Saman demanded to know why the Youth wing had invited independent preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu to speak at its congress.

The Perlis Jabatan Amal director said an explanation must be given by the organiser as the department was offended by Zamri’s recent statements.

“Why invite Zamri to come? We want an explanation from the congress – at least before making the decision to invite him, ask us first.

“We Perlis folk are offended as Zamri had spread slander regarding us.

We deserve an explanation, and if there is none, we as representatives from PAS Youth in Perlis will leave the hall,” he said.

Amirul Jufri said this during the presentation of the PAS Youth financial report during the PAS Youth 60th Congress in Gambang, today.

PAS Youth permanent chairman Kamal Ashaari told Amirul Jufri to raise the matter during debate as the conference still had not finished presenting PAS Youth’s financial accounts.

During the muktamar, Zamri had been given a special slot to address the congress for 10 minutes.

Amirul Jufri, however, refused to comment further when met.

“Wait first… the case hasn’t finished,” he said, refusing to comment further.

The anger over the invitation stemmed from the detention of Jabatan Amal members after Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin’s car was torched on March 22.

Three Jabatan Amal members were remanded by police for four days.

Zamri is seen as a protégé of Mohd Asri and inviting someone closely associated with the mufti did not go down well with the Perlis Amal members.

Extraditing Zakir Naik is selling out Islam, says aide

MUHAMMAD Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu today vowed to give up his Malaysian citizenship if Putrajaya extradites controversial preacher Zakir Naik to India.

Zamri, an aide to Zakir, said he viewed any extradition of the preacher as a sellout of the religion.

“If the government extradites Zakir, I will not hesitate to surrender my IC (identity card).

“I am not prepared to live in Malaysia if our religion is being sold,” he said when addressing the PAS Youth Muktamar in Gambang, Pahang.

Zamri, as controversial as his mentor, was arrested in April and detained for four days under investigation into complaints he made insulting statements on Hinduism during a religious lecture.

India wants Zakir extradited to answer multiple charges relating to terrorism and money-laundering. Zakir has rejected all allegations against him and has expressed confidence that Malaysia will back him.

Last week, India’s External Affairs Ministry had put in a formal extradition request to Malaysia for the controversial preacher.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, however, had questioned if Zakir would be treated fairly by the Indian authorities if he was sent back.

In his address at the muktamar, Zamri said Muslims whom he viewed as weak should emulate their Chinese brethren who, despite their political differences, can still stick together and remain united.

“We need to follow the example of the Chinese. They might have DAP or MCA but when it comes to issues concerning their language and race, they become one even though they might not share the same political belief.

“I feel really sad when I see an Islamic MP being bullied in Parliament and not one fellow Islamic MP opening his mouth to help him out. It is very sad.

“Let us unite as one ummah. If any Muslim is mistreated, we have to show solidarity no matter what political belief or religious sect we belong to,” he said.

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