PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said there was an attempt by the writer of the book entitled Why Anwar Cannot Be PM to blackmail him of more than RM400,000 in return for not distributing the book.

Anwar, the prime minister in waiting, then called on police to investigate the writer Yahaya Ismail over the alleged blackmail attempt.

Anwar said Sg Petani MP Johari Abdul has lodged a police report on the writer yesterday after he demanded the money, calling it a “consultation fee”.

“If I failed to pay, he has threatened to distribute the book,” he told journalists in Petaling Jaya tonight when asked to respond to Johari’s disclosure that he had received the book’s manuscript on June 10 and the writer’s astronomical monetary demand.

“Police need to investigate the writer.”

The writer had also contacted Johari to arrange a meeting with Anwar.

The MP had claimed that Yahaya told him that he had been offered RM400,000 to write the book and he had asked Anwar for a similar amount in order for him to stop the book’s distribution.

Johari said he immediately lodged the police report after his conversation with Yahaya.

The revelation comes against a backdrop where the party’s deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali is alleged to be involved in a sex scandal with one of its party Youth chief from Sarawak.

Earlier today, Johari pointed out that a chapter in the yet-to-be-published manuscript, entitled Mengapa Anwar Tak Boleh Jadi PM (Why Anwar Cannot Be PM), is devoted to championing Azmin for the position of prime minister.

“Anwar told me these kinds of writers are aplenty. But I told Anwar, you can’t let this kind of person go. This has to stop,” he said.

The manuscript brings back to memory a similar work entitled 50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Menjadi Perdana Menteri (50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister) which was circulated to Umno delegates during the 1998 Umno assembly.

A few weeks after the assembly in September, Dr Mahathir Mohamad sacked Anwar as his deputy and subsequently from Umno.

Johari said he did not know Yahaya but said he read the manuscript which he said was “revolting and grave slander towards Anwar, such as homosexuality, corruption as well as describing him as the US and Zionist agent”.

He added that the author also questioned the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s decision to pardon Anwar, which he said was tantamount to questioning the powers of the Malay rulers.
Yahaya, or Pak Ya, is a political writer and had penned biographies of several political figures in the country.

Anwar confident he will still be PM despite cracks in party

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said cracks in the party due to the sex scandal implicating his deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali will not derail his chances of becoming the eight Malaysian prime minister.

Admitting that there are talks of the party becoming divided due to the scandal, Anwar stressed that all party decisions were made in consensus.

“There are talks that there are cracks due to the (sex scandal) issue. But we will leave it to the party disciplinary board to decide on some of the issues and inform all of those in the political bureau present, except the deputy president.

“The decision was done in consensus and has been agreed. The same goes with my meetings with the leaders from Sabah and Sarawak.

“They (the leaders) wanted explanation but agreed with the party decision that we are against this disgusting culture in our politics and are leaving the investigation to the authorities, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and other agencies involved,” he said.

Anwar was named as the incoming prime minister following Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s promise to give way for the PKR president to take over after two years.

He added that the political bureau also listened to the views of party vice-president Zuraida Kamarudin, who had earlier demanded the party to sack Santubong Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz over his open confession to being one of the parties in the sex video.

“Zuraida was present in the meeting today. The Youth and Wanita chiefs are also present. All of them gave their views but the decision was made in consensus and based on the recommendation of the disciplinary board,” he said.

Earlier, PKR’s disciplinary board had given Haziq a 14-day show cause letter to explain his open confession that has tarnished the party’s image.

Disciplinary board chairman Ahmad Kasim said the decision was among the four measures decided during the bureau meeting last Sunday before they were presented to the PKR political bureau earlier this evening.

The disciplinary board also took note of Azmin’s denial and will look into his explanation in the future.

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