ANY objection if Zahid Hamidi resumes duty at the Umno president office? What could stop him from doing so, and what’s your logical excuse for objecting to it, if any?

He is still the party president, don’t you agree? Unless you are already obsessed that your candidate of yours is more capable of sitting in the chair. If that’s so, at least you can wait until Umno election in 2021, or you just don’t wanna wait.

Mohamad Hasan, the deputy president entrusted with carrying out the duty of president, is a level-headed leader, anyway. I believe he will most welcome Zahid back to office. By current political scenario, he and Zahid should concentrate on how to elevate Umno’s image again and recapture the trust among Malaysians, especially the Malays.

Why are there rumblings over Zahid’s program to officiate some Umno divisional meetings starting this weekend? What’s wrong with that? If you cannot accept the fact that his court cases has nothing to do with the party, and that he is innocent until proven guilty, you better scramble for good.

I do not want to see the repeat of 1977 and 1978 events where a former leader who once took Umno for a long ride, had led a pact to force Hussein Onn to quit as party president. When this guy became Umno president, he urged members to respect the leadership and the voice of the majority. What a crap!

Lemme ask you this question. Are you trying to turn Umno into a cartel where only you and your leader have the righto say, and that the choice of majority can easily nullified by your sanctioning? Or you take party positions as much more paramount than Cabinet posts?

Don’t you think losing the general election is far more damaging to the party and you? Take a closer look at Umno now after GE14. Without ‘friends’ and money, almost nothing can be planned because members had enjoyed lavish style of movement during the Barisan Nasional era.

Still, you want to cause more divisions in the party after some MPs – over self-interest political agenda – left after the general election. What is your valid reason to not allowing Zahid Hamidi from resuming his duty?

The decision to comeback is Zahid’s anyway. To officiate a divisional meeting is his responsibility. Since Tok Mat and others will be doing the same thing too, what’s the brouhaha about Zahid being on the same task?

Open your mind. Umno is the opposition now and is fast getting Pas’ collaboration to whack the current regime. It has proven worthy in some by-elections. Why not you focus on how to make the party attractive again, stand solid behind the president and prepare for GE15?

Actually the tug-of-war in Umno is beyond comprehension. It shouldn’t have happened in a situation where Umno is being trampled left and right by Pakatan Harapan. Or did you join the party for personal mileage?

Who are you struggling for as an Umno member? The Malays? Malaysians? Or for your self-vested interest? Why can’t you forget about party election first as it is still far away and concentrate on the next general election?

Zahid’s comeback should augur well in uniting all sections in Umno. He has a stronger team in Tok Mat, Ismail Sabri and others. I don’t know about Hishammuddin and Khaled but I do hope they will come around this time for the sake of the party.

It has been a ‘mistake’ for Zahid to take leave from the party just after falling prey to the minority when members at large want him to be in charge as usual. I don’t wanna contemplate but I want to see a ‘transformed’ Zahid.

He knows what ‘re-imaging’ means!