I DON’T want to comment on the latest video scandal. I find it filthy. I hope nobody in Umno finds it lucrative enough to step a foot in it. Mohamad Hasan was fast in reminding party members not to get involved by making all sort of statements.

Umno focus should stay on how to appear attractive to Malaysians again, recap what’s lost and rebuild its image.

I am actually appalled by pessimistic remarks issued by some Umno leaders that should a general election is called anytime now, the party could prevail due to the present political turmoil and the failure of Pakatan Harapan government in delivering what was supposed to be delivered to the constituents.

I call it an inapt pessimism!

“Hey, we can win handsomely this time…” Crap! When you became casualty of your own politics, you may find it hard to stand up again. With teething domestic problems, Umno will probably stay on as the Opposition.

Why? Because of disunity, factionalism and self-vested interest plaguing the party. While some factions support the president, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and deputy Tok Mat, the others have their own agenda, depending on who their warlords are.

The young generation is more vocal, that they don’t need the elders to guide them. Their thug politics go deeper, drilling more holes and moles. In a situation where Umno is no longer in power, old habits die hard.

Instead of cementing and uniting all members, they are driven by self-motivated illusion that others are better than Zahid., Pitting Zahid against Tok Mat, Hishammuddin and Khaled Nordin still thrive. On the Youth wing, difference in opinion and direction are having adverse impact in effort to attain solid party unison.

And they still go around masquerading on the pretext of uniformity when they are actually carrying individual political spear. Championing their own ‘clans’, so to say. From the outside look, they are heroes in managing the party.

Hello! We are nobody now. If a general election is held now, there is no guarantee that Umno will be in power again. Pakatan will work harder to stay in power, and to my personal apprehension, they will fulfill the election pledges one by one, gradually.

And what’s left for Umno if its internal bleeding gets no remedy?

They don’t need Zahid, they also do not need a few office bearers. Then what is the guarantee that the party can reach the pinnacle of Malaysian politics in the near future under the men of their choice? Democracy has played an important role in Umno, and now they harp in political mutiny?

Isn’t that bad when Umno and Pas are joining hands to oust the current regime? Where do we go from here if the black dots get larger and larger each day?

It’s time to get rid of self-vested interest in the party. But can they? Will the masquerade stop?