PUTRAJAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said he was not aware of any video allegedly showing a federal minister having homosexual intercourse.

“I am not aware of this, I just heard so I need to read about it.

“You (the press) can brief me about it,” the prime minister said, drawing laughter from ministers who were present at the press conference today.

Viral videos showing an individual who resembles a federal minister have been circulating through WhatsApp.

At least three clips show what looks like a scene from a hotel room, accompanied by the sound of a foreign news bulletin. FREE MALAYSIA TODAY

Minister target of sex clip campaign

A cabinet minister has been the target of a campaign to portray him in three sex video clips.

At about 1.25am this morning, several Malaysiakini reporters were added into two WhatsApp groups with the title “Jemputan Hari Raya ###” where the video clips were shared.

The video clips depicted two naked men in bed, of which one of them resembled the cabinet minister. Malaysiakini is unable to establish the authenticity of the video clip.

One WhatsApp group was initiated by a person with the phone number +60 11-#### 9849 and identified as “Faizal”, who added Malaysiakini staff and several notable Sabah PKR leaders as group participants.

Another WhatsApp group was initiated by a person with the phone number +60 11-#### 9037 and identified as one “Saifuddin Abdullah”. This group had participants who were mostly Klang Valley-based journalists.

Malaysiakini has been made aware of another WhatsApp group initiated by a person with the phone number +60 11-#### 4375 and identified as a “Tian Chua”. Participants of this group were mostly Sarawak PKR personalities.

The real Tian Chua, who is the PKR vice-president and currently attending a conference in Geneva, told Malaysiakini that the phone number of the said WhatsApp group administrator did not belong to him.

Foreign Affairs Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, who is also a PKR member, also stressed that he was not the person responsible for initiating the WhatsApp group.

“The said person is masquerading around in the WhatsApp groups and we will let the authorities investigate this matter,” he said when contacted.

Malaysiakini has also been made aware that there are at least two other similar WhatsApp groups. One group saw the administrator identified as “Zuraidah”.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, when asked this morning by reporters in Putrajaya over the video clips which depicted “someone in his cabinet”, said he was unaware of such a video.

“I don’t know. I just heard about it. I have to read up (on the reports). You can give me a briefing if you like,” said Mahathir.

In a related development, Umno supreme council Lokman Noor Adam said he would lodge a police report on the video clips.

“I urge the police to clarify the veracity of the videos and that action be taken against those who disseminated, performed in and produced the videos,” said Lokman.

The Umno leader also lodged a report with the MACC, over allegations that the minister had received US$741,440 from a conglomerate back in December 2017.

The funds were alleged to have been transferred from a local bank to a German bank.

The corruption allegation was circulated together with the lewd videos. MKINI