BIRMINGHAM: A man in Britain who broke into a funeral home, disturbed several bodies and had sex with a corpse during a drug-induced psychosis was jailed on Friday for six years.

Kasim Khuram, 23, was found to have been both drunk on vodka and high on artificial cannabis and PCP, a mind-altering recreational substance, at the time of his offence.

He was caught at the scene of the crime when police officers arrived at the funeral parlour in Birmingham, after the alarm system went off in the wee hours on Nov 11, last year.

Judge Melbourne Inman said nine coffins and three bodies were disturbed in the break-in, during which Khuram had taken one female victim out of her coffin and removed some of her clothing.

The crime “offended all human sensibility”, said the judge.

“I am not aware of – and nor have I been able to find – any similar case. It would be difficult to think of a greater depravation of the dignity of the dead,” Inman said during the sentencing.

“You set about disturbing all nine of these bodies. Exactly what you did, and why, only you know.”

Defence lawyer Joseph Keating said Khuram, who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, was “deeply sorry” for what he had done and that his actions were “out of character”.

The families of the victims described him as a “monster” who had “twisted a knife” in their hearts, the BBC reported.

Prosecutor Robert Price said: “The family have been caused immeasurable hurt. Members of the family involved sought counselling and medication. It was the violation of a beautiful person.”