The poster is spot on.  The leaders behind this street demonstration includes people facing 30 or 40 charges in Court.  A conviction for just any of those 30 or 40 charges will see them sent off to jail for a long time.

This is not only their political career but the end of their lives.  AND THEIR MONEY.

ALL the crooks in the e-poster are rich. Very rich. That fellow is worth a few hundred million.  All their money is stolen. Through corruption and plain stealing.

The religious conman has received money from UMNO. Plenty of money.

So these are a group of people who are useless thieves.

Actually not very intelligent thieves.

Obviously they have low or zero moral values.

Satu kaum yang tidak mempunyai moral atau maruah.

And yet there are many who support them.

Some people will support them simply because they are of the same religion.

‘Muslims cannot tell lies” said one of their “legal experts”.

That statement by itself makes them kuffar.

Rejectors of all that is good and decent.

This statement itself is a very big lie.

As a Muslim let me confirm and guarantee that Muslims do tell lies.

They can even tell more lies than others.
Have you heard of Jamal Kashoggi?

But still there are millions who think that in any contest, dispute or disagreement with people of other religions “Muslims cannot tell lies”.

Take the spat over that Hindu temple.
Some thugs were paid money.

And of that RM150,000 that was paid, only about RM15,000 was paid to the thugs.  The balance RM135,000 was paid to whom?

And do you want to listen to the funniest part?
The land belongs to local Chinese and Filipinos.
Bukan tanah dia pun.

And yet that lying statement  “Muslims cannot tell lies” will be their only criterion on December the 8th.  These are a people who have been swept away by the satans that are in their minds. Their dark side.

And they say they are against ICERD?
The munafiks. So what about Kashmir then?
Isnt that racial and religious discrimination?

The munafiks. So what about the Rohingyas then?
Isnt that racial and religious discrimination?
They will speak up against discrimination in other countries only?
Or only when Muslims are involved?
“Muslims cannot tell lies” !!

What about Sri Lanka?

LTTE? Tamils? Alamak the Hindus again?
Getting blurry lah.
Wrong skin colour lah,  wrong religion.
Haiyya OSTB. What lah you.
“Muslims cannot tell lies” !!

Now the Pas pis pus towel heads  are saying there is no need for Malaysia to even accept the Hak Asasi Manusia or Basic Human Rights which is just another convention agreed to among the nations of the world.

These are just conventions (not laws) that a slightly better civilised world society has agreed upon. Itu pun depa tak mahu.

Then why even join the United Nations? When you join such international organisations the idea is that a fraternity of civilised nations come into being who share some common universal values among mankind.

These values are already in the Quran.

For example Surah 5:8  “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.”

This is ICERD. This is in the Quran for 1400 years or more.
The UN is about 80 years old.

Ya aiyyuhallazeena Muslims who cannot tell lies, what say you?

Lain agama lain macam cakap.
Lain warna kulit lain macam nampak.

Will you ever understand why people cannot stop laughing at you?
Will you ever understand why people cannot take you seriously?