First of all there is something very, very dangerous that happened on Nov 26th during the Maha Mariamman riots.

The same thing almost happened during the Hindraf rally in 2007.

During Hindraf 2007 our store was located in Masjid India and we had good relations with the OCPD Dang Wangi – a very nice and polite man from Kelantan (Abdul Rahman something) who from time to time made the effort to meet the business community  over security and safety issues.

The same OCPD was closely involved on the day of the Hindraf rally on November 25th, 2007. Afterwards he told us how difficult that day had been. He said that the Police had sprayed tear gas and the ‘chemical water’ multiple times – and yet the Indian boys were unfazed.  They kept coming forward. The Police were at a loss how to control the Hindraf  protesters (who by the way did not target or damage public property or break anything.) Use of deadly force (shooting them) was out of the question.

What the OCPD did not tell us or did not know, but which was told to me later  was that some of the Hindraf protesters in 2007 had brought petrol with them. They had no intention of harming others with petrol bombs. The petrol was to set themselves on fire.

Sad to say the Indian brethren are not incapable of this kind of bravado.

The same attitude was apparent at Maha Mariamman. If attacked, the Indians were prepared to stand their ground, fight and even die. They were not going to turn around and run.  Hence the gathering of almost the entire Indian community in the area.

This is a very, very dangerous situation.

There is also something else going on in Maha Mariamman that is being sort of covered up. Money has been paid. The Minister has said that RM150,000 was paid. But who else was on the list of recipients?

The 50 Malay thugs received a total of RM15,000. Where did the balance RM135,000 go to? That is sizeable money. Who were the bigshots who received the money?

There is another incident that comes to mind. The Kampong Nedan incident 0f 2001, also involving Indians and Malays.

Many versions of the Kg Medan story have come out – about a wedding party being disrupted, about some car accident and so on.

There was one more theory. The local drug lord had decided to change his ‘drug runners’ working in that area.  Switch between Indian and Malay drug runner gangs which caused the violence.  The rumours say bad cops were also involved. Kampong Medan was made into a racial clash to camouflage those other things that were going on in the background.

Exactly the same thing is going on over this Maha Mariamman case. The Minister and the Police have said clearly that this is NOT a racial issue. It is a dispute between the developer and the temple. Money was paid to create trouble.  But others are clearly trying to make it a racial issue.

Here is a video from Maha Mariamman Subang Jaya. This is the video showing the Indian boys carrying injured Bomba Officer Mohd Adib Mohd Kassim to safety. Only one Bomba officer was injured that night and it is the same officer in this video Mohd Adib Mohd Kassim.

There are questions on what exactly happened to Mohd Adib. As of Monday, he was still unable to speak yet. Was he attacked?  By whom? 

In the video above, most obviously none of the Indian boys sound angry or abusive towards Mohd Adib. On the contrary they are speaking urgently to carry Mohd Adib to safety. They eventually load Mohd Adib on the back of what appears to be a FWD pickup.

It is not likely that these boys who carried Mohd Adib to safety had also attacked him just moments earlier.   One of them is heard saying :  ‘The Police are just standing there‘.   So the Police were there.  Surely the Police would have intervened if Adib had been attacked. Or is that a silly assumption?

The Police say they have arrested hundreds of people relating to this Maha Mariamman incident.  Has anyone been arrested in relation to causing harm to Mohd Adib?

Things may not seem to be what they are.

There are always the opportunists and the rabble rousers who are waiting for things like this to happen.

What is our best defense? To be informed. Be as fully informed as possible.
And be informed with the truth. Not lies and politicians tongue twisting.