A 77-year-old man raped his daughter almost every Saturday for two years starting when she was 10, including once on Christmas Day and at times when her younger brother was at home, a Hong Kong court heard on Monday.

During the first attack in 2015, the father covered the girl’s mouth while she was trying to shout and cry from the pain, prosecutors said.

Since then, the assaults happened “almost every Saturday”, according to what the girl told police, the High Court heard. The man was also accused of raping his daughter on Christmas Day 2016, and on other occasions when she was home early from school.

“She didn’t tell others because she didn’t know what her father would do to her,” prosecutor Terence Wai said.

The father – mentioned only as Y.H.L. to protect his daughter’s identity – denied three counts of rape between 2015 and February last year. He also denied three separate counts of incest.

Opening his case on Monday, Wai said the defendant married his wife, who is 20 years his junior, in mainland China in 2001 before their daughter, referred to as X in court, was born three years later.

He said the man, who worked as a part-time security guard, first assaulted the girl one day in 2015, when the girl was in Primary Five. At the time of the first alleged attack, her younger brother was also in their Sham Shui Po home sleeping, the prosecutor said.

He said one of the attacks took place on July 5, 2016, while the last one happened on February 3, 2017, in which she tried to resist but to no avail.

They occurred when X’s mother was not home, Wai said.

X told her mother hours after she was allegedly raped by her father for the last time. The court heard she was confronted by her mother after the woman noticed that something was not right with her daughter.

The mother sought help from a social worker and they reported the matter to police.

After his arrest, the father initially admitted to police that he raped and molested his daughter on one of the occasions.

The accused, who spoke Mandarin, defended himself without a lawyer in court.

The case continues before Mr Justice Andrew Chan Hing-wai on Tuesday.

– South China Morning Post