PETALING JAYA – A 12-year-old boy has been in critical condition after he was raped by a mentally disabled man before he was pushed down a flight of stairs from the 20th floor of a low-cost flat in Pantai Dalam, in what is likely to add to a debate on crime committed by the mentally challenged.

A spokesman for the boy’s family, Fazrysham Kamran, told FMT that the Year 6 student, who would have been sitting for his UPSR examination tomorrow, was sodomised by the mentally disabled man on Sept 12.

He said the man holds a Department of Welfare card for people with disability.

Fazrysham, of welfare organisation Komuniti Harmoni Kita, said the boy, from Klang, was pushed down a flight of stairs from the 20th floor before he landed on the floor below.

The boy suffered brain injuries, and had slipped into coma for a week before regaining consciousness.

He said the boy was earlier lured by the man to his unit, where they both watched pornographic video clips on the man’s mobile phone.

“He was told to imitate the scene in the video,” he said, adding that the man had then attacked the boy.

Fazrysham said the same man had previously sodomised the boy, but he was let off due to his disabled status.

“The boy had been sexually harassed since last year but the culprit was allowed to walk free,” he said.

The latest incident comes amid a debate over the police’s standard operating procedure (SOP) in dealing with crimes committed by the disabled.

It followed outrage on social media after a 22-year old autistic man was arrested and handcuffed for allegedly molesting a woman in Subang Jaya.

Following the incident, police said they were drafting a new SOP to handle criminal suspects with autism.

Meanwhile, Fazrysham said the boy, currently warded at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM), was still in a state of trauma.

“He was screaming when I met him. I don’t know whether he was in pain or in fear,” he added.

It is understood that a police report was lodged on Sept 14, two days after the incident.