Sweden has been a hidden paradise to illegal migrants, especially from three top Muslim countries – Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Consider themselves the “global humanitarian superpower”, the Swedish was fighting tooth and nail with Germany in welcoming refugees or migrants or whatever you want to call them.

Comparing to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 1.2-million of refugees / migrants imported, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s 163,000 might look lame. But that number is more migrants per capita than any other nation in Europe. However, while only “54 migrants were employable” in Germany, Sweden did better – 500 of their migrants gained employment.

Hence, the next question is why those illegal migrants loved Sweden so much? Clearly, it wasn’t due to IKEA furniture. Sweden is a paradise to the migrants because they are given hard cash by the government without having to work a single day. Sweden pays newly-arrived migrants to encourage them to enter the community as if they are the last piece of extinct dinosaur.

Sweden - More Refugees Per Capita Than Any Other EU Country

As a refugee who receives a residence permit, each of them gets up to US$35 (£28; €33; RM156) a day – five days a week without question asked. The migrants don’t have to work to receive “establishment allowance” during their first 2 years in Sweden, after which the entitlement can continue. Where in the world can you get such insane benefits?

But that was not all the goodies migrants would get for doing practically nothing in Sweden. If they have children, they will get something called a “supplementary” establishment allowance. For each child under the age of 11, they will get US$91 (£73; €86; RM405) a month, and US$170 (£137; €160; RM757) for each child who has reached the age of 11 – up to 3 children.

Newly arrived immigrant can receive a maximum of US$510 dollars (£410; €480; RM2,273) a month through this supplementary establishment allowance alone. Add in the daily US$35 of “establishment allowance”, a migrant with 3 children would be getting free cash of US$1,210 (£974; €1,140; RM5,393) – every month. Who in the right-mind would be looking for jobs?

Migrants Refugees Get Free Cash – From Swedish Taxpayers

But free cash – aside from free healthcare, free education and free accommodation – wasn’t the only attraction that makes Sweden a paradise to the refugees / migrants. Thanks to Swedish immigration policies, Sweden has become the magnet for sex, as rape and violence exploded across the country, making the nation the “Rape Capital” of Europe.

The most outrageous and shocking rape case that humanitarian superpower Sweden can be proud of was none other than a case against three men (two were born in Afghanistan and one Swedish citizen whose country of origin is protected) arrested on suspicion of raping a woman in the city of Uppsala and broadcasting it live on Facebook early 2017.

Like Germany, the Swedish government had been exposed for purposely covering up the perpetrators of rape crimes to protect the Muslim migrants. One of the reasons why Sweden was a “sex paradise” to the illegal refugees was its law, which defined “rape” as a sexual act carried out with the use of violence or threat. Effective Sunday (yesterday), that law has become tougher.

Germany Cologne Train Station - 1000 Arab Mobs Molest, Rape, Sexual Assault Women - Illustration

Finally, the Swedish government has realized that (what took them so long?) sex “without explicit consent” is actually an act of rape. Hence, after the law was passed in May and effective Sunday, a tougher law stipulates that a person has committed rape if they have been part of a sexual act in which the other person has not participated “freely”.

Now for someone to face rape charges, “it is no longer necessary that violence or threats were applied, or that the aggressor took advantage of the victim’s particularly vulnerable situation,” according to the Swedish government. Courts will need to pay particular attention to whether consent was expressed with words, gestures or in another manner.

Amazingly though, the pressure for the Swedish government to combat the sexual misconduct was not due to the excessive import of refugees / migrants, which they had already covered up in the first place. It would take the #MeToo campaign, which began with the series of allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, for Sweden to wise up.

Swedish Girls - Sex Without Consent Is Rape

Still, there were several quarters including the Swedish lawyers’ association and the national law council which have criticised the new tougher law. The critics say it will force judges to make arbitrary decisions on whether or not there was consent, suggesting that judges had been having easy job of looking for bruises and clear evidence of physical resistance all this while.

With the passage of the law, Sweden became the 10th country in Western Europe to recognize non-consensual sex as rape. Other countries that have consent-based legislation include England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium, Iceland and Germany. Finland and Denmark are also considering similar proposals.

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