Ehhhhh….hujan tidak, ribut pun tidak dan kenapa tiba-tiba saja sepupu Najib Razak, Hishammuddin Hussein menawarkan dirinya untuk mencari, menangkap dan membawa pulang Jho Low? Apakah makna semua ini? Bolehkah  dipercayai tawaran beliau ini tiada apa-apa maksud yang lain atau ia merupakan langkah awal untuk [...]


ABOUT two weeks ago, a group of about 80 property club members saw licensed auctioneer Warrick Singh. They were seeking solutions as to what they can do with their property purchases which they took vacant possession a few years ago. Aged between 28 and 42, most of them have two or three property units purchased in [...]


A 77-year-old man raped his daughter almost every Saturday for two years starting when she was 10, including once on Christmas Day and at times when her younger brother was at home, a Hong Kong court heard on Monday. During the first attack in 2015, the father covered the girl’s mouth while she was trying to shout [...]